Monday, February 24, 2014

Two Months of L♥VE

Well, it's official. I am the mother of a two month old! YIKES! How the time flies by! We had her doctor's visit on the 21st, complete with weigh in and vaccinations. It was a rough day for sure. I am glad we snapped her 2 month photos before we left for the appointment!

Her weigh in was great! She is currently 10 lbs 12 oz and marked 23 inches tall! That's a lot of growth for one month! She still fits her newborn clothes, but is starting to grow out of a few of them. We actually broke out a few of the cuter 3 month outfits that are for shorter babies so that we can make sure they get some use! But as far as standard onesies go, she still swims in the 3 month size so we stick to the NBs.

An amusing fact... she is in the 75 percentile for height and only the 25 percentile for weight at 2 months. I am not sure how they gauge that, as most babies don't show growth queues this early... but that's what they say! (at the bottom of the chart it says that it was based on health surveys done in the US between 63 and 94. So this means that the formula is nearly 20 years old. Hmmph.) So is she underweight? Is she going to be an average height? No & probably not. The doctor said she is VERY healthy, very muscular - and even asked if she had started rolling over because her muscle definition told her that it would happen in the next few weeks if it already hadn't. As for height, the doctor believes that she will be close to my height, as I am nearly 6 foot and her daddy is taller than me. Me thinks they need to start that chart around 6 months, OR reconfigure the formula on new data.

Some fun news! Violette is now able to SMILE at her mama or daddy when she sees us. It's common around this time for babies to have their first 'social smile' and she is right on track! She can also focus on one object and follow it about, she currently likes to focus on artwork or a toy (she likes her doggie rattle, and of course her play mat... lots to look at there!). She chats away while she is on her mat, or basking in the sunshine... (her vocabulary consists of AH! and OH! and sometimes UH!) but she is doing really well with her words. Please visit our YouTube page to see her in action!

She also does her tummy time every day, (which explains the MUSCLES the doctor saw!) but prefers to do her push ups on mom or dads shoulder.. so she can see more than the floor or blanket. She has started to push off with her legs, too! Last night she and I were playing with the word UP, and when I would say it she would push up with her legs into a standing motion. I understand that she probably doesn't know what UP means, but I was excited that she would wait for me to say the word before she would push up. :) {I would have attempted to video tape it, but this activity required both of my hands.}

On another note, we are in leap 2 of The Wonder Weeks. She is a happy, playful girl one minute and crying uncontrollably, fighting sleep and only wanting mom to hold her the next... This leap lasts 2 weeks and we haven't even passed the first week. Needless to say it's been rough on all of us. Nothing helps, not baths or lavender... none of the advice received. It's just a leap, and we are going to have to wait it out. She has taken to enjoying being wrapped up on mommy (aka she loves the practice of baby wearing!).

As I type this one-handed, she is laying on my shoulder with her mommy hug grip. If I attempt to put her down when she falls asleep, uncontrollable screaming ensues... until I pick her back up. I have tried to pass her off to dad, and she screamed some more. Ugh. Only 8 more days! (we hope.)

This past weekend we had a sitter (one of Vi's aunties) come and watch her for a few hours while Dove and I went out for an anniversary dinner (3 years already!) at The Smokehouse. Our anniversary is the 27th, but we knew getting help on a weeknight would be rough. It was a great evening with delicious food and an awesome dessert. We finished early so we ran to the grocery store... obviously we were savoring the time together sans bebé. When we got home she had played quite a bit and just laid down for a sleep. :)

Over the weekend we did another walk in the park (which she slept through again). We know that she is too young to take in the green grass or enjoy the daylight (she isn't even supposed to be in direct sunlight for a few months). The walks are for us - and for the dogs! - who feel pretty cooped up all week long.

Overall we are all doing well, aside from the grumpy leaping that is happening. She is healthy and happy (most of the time) and we are still enjoying every minute! (even the tears, because they mean that she is growing right on track!)

Off to tend to a snuggly newborn!
Until next time...