Wednesday, February 12, 2014

7 Lessons in 7 Weeks

I can't believe that seven weeks have passed now... (Seriously don't think I've slept but 3 days total in that time!) But in my sleepless stupor I've learned a few things about this kiddo... here goes!

1. Violette's a morning person. It's her happiest time of day! (Just like mama!) Too bad dad has most of that shift and he is definitely NOT a morning person lol.

2. She loves to look at pretty pictures! No matter which room we are in her eyes always find the artwork on the wall and study every bit of it! Her two favorites are the whales (three Orcas in a teal blue oasis) in her bedroom and the "rhythm of the islands" print (jazzy cubist/impressionist rendering of island life) in the dining room. Mama loves art too (I minored in art history!) And I'm very excited about Vi's apparent art love!

3. She's all about the road trips. I'm sure it's the vibration of the car and the white noise of the wind... it used to put me to sleep when I was her age too! She does not however like long trips that interfere with her naps or feeding schedule. No, no, no. Nothing more than 3 hours allowed... EVER. Or mom and dad pay for it for a few days... What can we say? Nothing beats the comfort of home.

4. She's definitely got her preferences. As far as brands go, she likes two kinds of pacifiers (MAM & Soothie), two kinds of bottles (Dr. Browns & Tommee Tippee Anti Colic Bottles). She also likes certain blankets more than others, and ONLY likes to be swaddled in Aden + Anais Swaddle blankets. (Thank goodness Miss Veronica got her some of those! Only now she is spoiled! LOL) I will be writing reviews of the loads of products we went through to get to these conclusions in the coming weeks. ;) 

5. She loves listening to music. Doesn't matter what genre. They say babies like what you do because they are introduced to it in the womb... but she loves 60s style Oldies, upbeat Jazz or Pop during the awake hours and prefers dreamy Classical music or slower Jazz ballads when she slows down for the night. She also loves the lullabies that her Auntie Jenna recorded for her. There's nothing like being serenaded to sleep by someone you love!

Mama like to sing Madonna's "Dear Jessie" to her, as well as "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies and when they play them on Pandora she makes excited noises as if she's singing along. Lol. It's happened a few times! Totally makes me laugh!

6. She doesn't like when Daddy works on his shift. She wants every last minute of his attention... and let's him know it! That's her time! Lol. He complains but I know he secretly enjoys how much she needs his love. She's only happy when he's holding her close.

7. This kid hates headbands. Like HATES them. Look at this crazy face! I did try about 3 different types over the course of a couple days. (Just to make sure!) The result was the same. That's why I had the camera ready on the last round! Lol. She's totally cool with beanies but doesn't dig the bands. It's okay Violette... mommy thinks they're a little overkill too. Lol!  I only tried them for two reasons... one because they were gifts, and two because I'd been asked if she were a boy a few times. It's cool though. She can be a tomboy. I'll let her. (Lord knows I was!)