Sunday, November 23, 2014

11 Months of L♥VE!

This month Violette started feeding herself! And there was a lot of sickness in the house.
She wouldn't put her cracker down without crying... alas, it stayed. 

First - The Stats!
Height: 29.5" Long
Weight: 17 lb 3.7 oz
Head Circumference: 17"
Diaper Size: 3!
Onesie Size: 6-9 mos (Carters fit best)
Pants Size: 6-9 months (Carters fit best)
Jammies: 12 months, but no feet!

This month was rough for all of us! Mom & Dad had food poisoning and Violette got her first real cold. She had 2 fevers around 101°F so we took her to see Dr. Dave two times the week of Thanksgiving. Thankfully it turned out to be just a respiratory tract infection with no ear infection.
One of the few 'healthy days' of November

Violette started taking baby steps this month and without realizing took to steps unassisted from mama to dad. :) walking is so near we can taste it! We have installed real baby gates in the living and dining area, and hope to figure out the cabinet locks very soon!
Testing out the new baby gate
Vi is totally too long for her infant car seat these days, but as she's no wear near the weight limit we will do our best to hold on to it a bit longer. There's no beating the convenience when she's sleepy! Soon we will make the permanent switch to her Chicco NextFit and convert her stroller to big girl mode, but we're both not ready yet.

Singing you a song
An Amazing Feat! Violette started to feed herself this month! At first it was just puffs, but then she progressed to some toast in the mornings, and then in just a few weeks she is now feeding herself anything that isn't MUSHY. She refuses to touch saucy noodles or mushy potatoes. We will figure that one out later. Until then, deconstructed Mac & Cheese it is! There is hope for this cake smashing yet! 

SB Zoo with Claudia!
Travels! We paid a visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo with my cousin Claudia, her fiancĂ© Darren and their kiddo Deion! It was a fun-filled day! Violette enjoyed her big girl stroller for the first time, and loved the giraffes! She also loved spending time with Claudia! 

SB Zoo with Claudia

Next month is fast approaching... birthday party planning is in high gear, invites have been sent... christmas card and birthday pics have been taken... I'm a bit overwhelmed by December's to do list but praying it all gets done with minimal stress!
Violette's Birthday Invitation

Well, I'm  off to tend to a sick baby...
Until next time!