Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 13 Recap

Sadly It seems my week 13 post has been lost in cyberspace. I will try to recap the important stuff below.

Most notably this week I visited the midwife, Renee, at the SCV Birth Center in Newhall. She delivered both of my boss' babies via water birth at home and has been advertising with us for about 3 years. It was very nice to get a naturalists point of view on my vitamin deficiencies since my doctor didn't seem too concerned. Renee said that my hair loss was a bit unusual but she could pinpoint that it was definitely my diet and prenatal vitamins that were causing the deficiency. She told me that I had a severe protein deficiency and that I needed to make sure that at every meal I was incorporating a protein, whether nuts, cheese, beans or meats. She said that it too will help me to have a better handle on my morning sickness. So far so good! At minimum I have a cheese stick with every meal, but the baby has started liking milk (which is a little gross to me on regular days) and a lot of times I will opt for a grilled cheese, a quesadilla, a veggie sausage patty or a bean and cheese burrito, but all of them have protein and are better for me and the baby. I still notice the hair loss but it is definitely lessening right along side the morning sickness. Renee was filled with knowledge and it made me a little jealous of the mommy's that she gets to help. I am a high risk pregnancy so sadly I cannot have her as my practitioner - but I totally recommend the mommies out there with no issues to give her a call if they are interested in midwifery. (You don't have to do water or home births to use her, she does whatever you would like - you can have the baby at the birth center or in the hospital... up to you!) Definitely a great woman to have on your prenatal team!

As for the prenatals, the ones she gave me are GIANT. I have a terrible time with medicine in general. The pills have to be microscopic almost for me to stomach them (like a claritin!) and they cannot have any flavor or it makes me gag. These ones tasted awful. I tried her suggestion of dissolving the caplets in a fruit smoothie but it didn't work. I plan to ask Dr. M for a chewable, liquid or VERY TINY prescription with no flavor on my next appointment. I've asked around and many of my friends have similar issues, so I did receive some good referrals. I plan to call my insurance as well to see which brands are covered.

So sorry there weren't any funny stories and anecdotes this week - I know there were some in the original post, but alas... I tried!

Monday, June 17, 2013

WEEK 12: What's Happening

How Far Along: 12 weeks 1 day
Baby's Size: about 3" long, the size of a peach
Total Weight Gain: 1 lbs (might be more... I'll find out Wednesday with Dr Medrano.)
Maternity Clothes? mostly Skirts and just a few others
Stretch Marks? No, but im going to start the cocoa butter soon...
Sleep? I was so sleepy yesterday that I took a two hour nap... and slept through the whole night. (Manda doesn't nap... unless she is pregnant it seems!)
Best Moment this Week: seeing everyones faces during the reveals! We have a great support system!
Miss Anything?   champagne... Cres had some the other day and I asked to smell it... yep! Still smelled delicious!
Movement: nothing I can feel
Food Cravings: asian rice noodles
What Makes you Queasy: car rides are the worst!
Gender: No idea!
Labor signs? None
Symptoms: still have a little bit of everything - nausea,  bloating, exhaustion... you name it!
Wedding Rings On or Off?  On
Mood: still tired.
What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? feeling relieved. It's great to not have to keep a secret from those we love any longer. He did spoil me for my birthday with belgian waffles, asian noodles and pool time!
Notes to the Little One: it was so nice to not be the center of attention for my birthday this year! You fit the bill nicely! It was perfect timing for the 12th week to fall on my birthday!
Everyone is so excited to meet you! You have a lot of Aunties and they all love you so much! Auntie Jenna screamed with glee... Auntie Agnes said she knew it before she got here... (we're pretty connected) and Auntie Alicia was totally in shock! (And bitter that we kept you a secret!) Auntie Tina was pretty shocked too... and a little giddy! Crescy is really excited.. I kept catching her smiling at me for no reason. Lol.
Your uncles reactions were funny! Bobby didnt get it at first (guess my 1up shirt was too vague) but when he did he was being pretty silly! He even told me to put sardines on my cake cuz I'm eating for two!) Jeff was laughing the whole time uncontrollably (daddy said it was like a hyena) and Patrick was determined for us to name you after him (Lol! It's a good thing we already know your name!).
One thing is for certain,  you will definitely know LOVE from the moment you arrive!  But please don't come too soon... your aunties are a little nervous about the length of time I have given to prepare for you! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WEEK 11: What's Happening

How Far Along: 11 weeks 2 days
Baby's Size: 2.5" the size of a plum
Total Weight Gain: 1 lbs
Maternity Clothes? skirts mostly
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep? okay... mostly exhaustion. At the boat I had terrible spider nightmares that kept me awake.
Best Moment this Week: Hearing the grandparents excitement when they found out!
Miss Anything?  Wine. We were in Lodi by wineries and couldn't even taste!
Movement: Nothing I can feel
Food Cravings: Fruits and veggies. Mac & cheese
What Makes you Queasy: eggs amd blueberries
Gender: No idea!
Labor signs? None
Symptoms: newest arrival is dizziness. .. The books say the blood flow to baby is stealing from the blood flow to my head. Fun!
Wedding Rings On or Off?  On
Mood: sleepy. Driving home yesterday took everything out of me. I stopped three times to wake up!
What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? missing us! This weekend we went up to my moms boat in the California Delta to visit Sheila and while we were gone he cleaned the whole house and followed us on facebook. Lol!
Notes to the Little One:  I am surprised at how good the trip to the boat was. Having motion sickness my whole life I had assumed that pregnancy would heighten it. I only felt sick the night the temps dropped and the wind howled. The next day we walked through the harbor and sat on the rear deck watching the cranes. It was very soothing! A much needed respite from the spider terror meltdown the day before. I hope you are fearless so you can kill the spiders Mama is scared of when you get bigger!