Sunday, December 21, 2014

1 Year of L♥VE!

What a difference a month makes! In just a few short weeks Violette has gone from toying with the idea of walking to FULL BLOWN WALKING! She can take 10 - 15 steps without falling if she is focused, and she feeds herself like a pro now, too!
A December to Remember!

First - The Stats!
Height: 29.75" Long
Weight: 18 lb 10 oz
Head Circumference: 17.5"
Diaper Size: 3!
Onesie Size: 9 mos (Carters fit best)
Pants Size: 9 months/12 mos (Carters fit best)
Jammies: 12 months, but no feet! (with room to grow!)
When not walking, she crawls super fast, LIKE A TORNADO!
Violette went from one step at a time to 10! She keeps improving her balance, too. She hasn't quite figured out how to go down the one stair we have standing up yet, (she prefers face first sliding!) but other than that she is a pretty good walker! She still will fall to her knees and crawl when she is in a rush (like trying to beat us to the baby gate!). She FLIES around the house on her knees getting a super high intensity workout. It's pretty funny to watch!
This little girl is a giggler! She has started giggling more often than not - she even has full giggly conversations with herself and others... they go like this:
Conversating with Mama & Daddy

You can't beat all the amazing smiles she's been giving us though... HUGE and somewhat toothy! (on that note.. SHE JUST GOT HER THIRD TOOTH! The top left... and now she looks really silly when she smiles, makes ME giggle.)

Grilled Cheese!
Violette got to have her FIRST CAKE! She did it 2x actually, the very first one was at her 1 year photo shoot with Mr. Mel Carll, we choose a giant cupcake from BakeYouHappy. Violette loved the little fondant snowflakes, but wasn't a fan of the buttercream. When I dug out some cake for her though she decided that was QUITE tasty and dug a few bites out herself.

I am SO THANKFUL that she started feeding herself in time for the smash cakes! She still isn't a fan of touching saucy/slimy/mushy foods but has started to try to feed herself with a spoon (she gets at least one bite in, the rest falls in her lap!) but she is working on it! Her favorite things are whole pinto beans and spanish rice... Oh! and cinnamon toast (Ezekiel brand).
Enjoying her Birthday Party Cupcake!

Party Time!
Her second piece of cake happened at her birthday party - SO MUCH FUN!!! - Surrounded by all of her favorite people, when we lit the candle and started singing, she sang along with us! (melted mama's heart!) After I blew out her candle, she touched the frosting with one finger, and then decided it was the MOST AMAZING THING EVER. After a few more touches, she picked up the whole cupcake and shoved it in her face! Seriously everyone in the room laughed and rooted her on. It was a great moment! We are so very grateful for all who shared it with us!

Note to mommies that haven't done the first birthday party yet... ITS A LOT OF WORK. ASK FOR HELP! We just did cookies and cocoa and I still was very overwhelmed. I never knew if I would finish before the party, but thankfully I had some help! Doing all the setup stuff while chasing a baby around is not ideal.

A friend volunteered a few of her days to help me put the finishing touches up... from my Christmas d├ęcor (which doubled as party decorations for the Winter ONEderland) to making the little snowflake crafted decorations and finally setting up for the big day.. I am certain that it wouldn't have been as smooth without her help and am eternally grateful!
A new family tradition.

A Special First Holiday Season!
Violette celebrated her first St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. For those of you who don't know, in Europe, Santa comes at the beginning of the month (which I am sure helps him out with all of those Xmas Eve deliveries in the Americas!). I learned about it when I lived in Belgium, and LOVED everything (except Zwarte Piet!) about it.  There are a bunch of Euro families in the US that celebrate it, too. And we decided that it would be nice to have Santa be the beginning of the month, since Vi & Jesus are celebrated at the end. So, she put out her shoes on St Nicholas Day Eve and woke up to an amazing gift, a toy pup that teaches her the alphabet! She loves it!