Monday, July 29, 2013

WEEK 18: What's Happening

How Far Along:  18 weeks 1 day

Baby's Size: 6" the size of a mango

Total Weight Gain: 2.6 lbs (Woo Hoo. almost back where I was!)

Maternity Clothes? Ordered some real maternity jeans and yoga pants... nothing else seems to fit anymore.

Stretch Marks? No, but my childhood ones are QUITE visable these days. :( Still using cocoa butter, but I hate the way it feels. Wonder if the Aquaphor stuff will work just as well, its texture is a little better.

Sleep? Strange dreams abound. The other day I dreamed that I was spending time with Johanna's girls, Hannah & Haley - and that I kept hearing Johanna's voice. It was comforting to hear her voice, and what she was saying was like proverbs. Little tidbits of wisdom. It was really an interesting dream. I wish I could remember her words.

Best Moment this Week: I had been getting a little bit worried this week, because the baby moved up out of my hip bones and now sits above my hips, however I couldn't find its heart beat anymore. It was comforting to me to feel the baby's heartbeat before bed time, but for the last few days I have had trouble locating it. I did last night though, and of course everything was fine. It's not nice to play hide and seek with your Mama!

Miss Anything? Not so much this week, just sleep. I need a lot more of it these days.

Movement: A little here and a little there, with the baby sitting higher up I feel less bursts of pain because its moved away from some of the important stuff I think.

Food Cravings: Thai food, Mac & Cheese, Grilled Cheese, and Ramen noodles. Oh - AND HOSTESS CUPPYCAKES. I finally found them, and then Crescent brought me a few too! WIN! I think the news of the comeback made me crave them even more, they've only been back on shelves for 2 weeks after a 9 month hiatus.... (9 months, hehe).

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken. Like nobody's business. I also found out that apples are not a smart way to start the day, they are a little too acidic. Much better as an afternoon snack.

Gender: No idea! We have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and then next wednesday is the 3d ultrasound for the "halfway there" checkup.

Labor signs? None

Symptoms: Exhausted, nauseous, morning sickness - still have all the first trimester ickiness... they keep telling me it will go away but I am still waiting.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off :(

Mood: I am feeling like a horrible wife. Thank God my husband understands, but I am sure that most husbands wouldn't understand why they aren't getting home cooked meals or having the house be cleaned all the time. It's just so hard to keep moving when I get home from work. I am EXHAUSTED. I think the last 3 weeks we have spent the most money on dining out since we bought the house. Of course I have a freezer full of food, but I just have had no memory to pull something out or the energy to actually cook something! I am going to try extra hard to do more this week. We shall see how that goes.

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? He is amazing. On top of everything he normally does, he has been cleaning, and cooking, and taking care of us when I am sick. He even protects us from the ants that keep trying to take over our house - they attack my water glass at nighttime!

We were all so worried about Eva when we took her in for surgery on Friday and the doctor said they couldn't perform the surgery because something was array with her blood work. Come to find out their machine was wrong - and she was just fine, but of course we got charged for their error, AND Eva has to go back for the surgery. Our poor EvaDog. She really doesn't like that place!

Notes to the Little One: Your Mama was so excited when the goodies she bought from Thirty One came in - she bought them all with you in mind! Two bags to hold baby stuff, a trunk organizer for the car so stuff doesn't roll around, a bunch of organizing pouches and a clip that makes it so you can hook the bag to a stroller. Of course I am not sure if any of it will be practical until you come, but hey I tried.

Last night, Dad and I watched this documentary from National Geographic about the Science of Babies on Netflix. It was really interesting! Turns out that we are the least equipped species at birth because if we stayed in to cook to 100% the mommies wouldn't survive childbirth. So we spend 9 months in the Mommies bellies for the important growth, and then continue to grow and learn for the first year of life before we are able to maneuver the world as other primates do at birth. I hope that the National Geographic film I rented "In the Womb" comes soon, I found some info about it while searching the other day, because I am really interested in knowing what's going on in there...

After that Netflix decided to recommend us to watch "The Business of Being Born" by Rikki Lake - which wasn't as good of a movie for us, since natural birth isn't an option for your High Risk Mama. Alas, it was interesting to see how the United States has changed its views in the last 100 years. That movie however, will probably mean that we will not watch any more documentaries without the National Geographic symbol. LOL!