Monday, July 15, 2013

WEEK 16: What's Happening

How Far Along:  16 weeks 1 day

Baby's Size: a little over 4.5" the size of an avocado

Total Weight Gain: 1 lbs lost two last week :(

Maternity Clothes? Skirts & Pants, though I did buy 2 tops just in case.

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep?  ALL THE TIME. This weekend I took a nap on Saturday before my concert and then Sunday I went to bed at 7pm! It was a little broken but when I woke it would only be for an hour or so.

Best Moment this Week: There were a few! I started to feel you kicking! To me its like someone is tapping me with a finger, but sometimes it hurts because you are kicking the wrong thing! :) Another was that you went to your FIRST concert this weekend! You got to see New Kids on the Block and 98 degrees! :) They were some of my faves back in the day. You didn't complain at all so we figure you must have liked it too. ;)

Miss Anything?  I miss sushi - we passed by our fave place to go after our appointment with Dr. Medrano, and the taste of my favorite rolls flashed through my brain. I REALLY wanted to stop, but I couldn't remember if it was all cooked or if there was some raw fish in it too, so we skipped it.

Movement: I felt kicks! I also notice when you move from one side of my abdomen to the other.. its a very strange sensation.

Food Cravings: Ice Cream. Macaroni & Cheese. Chili Dogs (just the once). I didn't give in to the glass of milk, because it always made me sick before. I find it very odd that you like something that your dad AND I can't have normally. :)

What Makes you Queasy: Anytime I go more than 3 hours without eating. This week I would get sick when something is greasy, and I can taste the grease! YUCK!

Gender: No idea! Doctor says we may find out at our next appointment, if not the next week is our 20 week 3d scan.

Labor signs? None

Symptoms: Sleepy, Hungry, Nauseous, Morning Sickness, Food Aversions... Wondering when they will go away so I can 'enjoy' my second trimester like everyone claims I should. :P

Wedding Rings On or Off?  On a  necklace around my neck.

Mood: Exhausted, (after 10 hours of sleep) but happy. I had a great weekend. There were

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? Being very helpful, he helped me clean the house in time for my party! :) I got to have a fun day with the girls as a result. He has been working a lot, too. He has a really big project that he is trying to finish this week. Hopefully it won't be delayed again, I can see that it is pretty stressful on him.

Notes to the Little One: Why must you make your Mama so tired!? After the party yesterday I could barely keep my eyes open. I honestly don't remember what movie Papa was watching, I just remember Daffy Duck and Brendan Frasier... Must have been Looney Tunes or something. I started dozing a minute or two later, and finally around 7pm your dad put me in bed. He must have been tired too because he said he cleaned up a little and came to bed too. We woke up at midnight, and I thought it best to eat something so that you weren't starving when I woke up. I think you enjoyed your first midnight snack! Little Man did, too. He loves it when Mama shares. (Who can say no to that little face!?) We went back to sleep a little later and then were rudely awakened by his alarm (AT 4AM!) that he slept through. Of course we couldn't go back to sleep after that, until he actually got up. (It's really hard to fall back asleep when someone is snoring :[ ).

Papa is really excited about your next appointment. He is anxious to find out what flavor you are, and so are all of our friends and family. We would be happy either way of course, but I think he just want's to start to call you by name. Are you a Maddox Soren? Or are you a Violette Elora? Dad told me the other day that he was practicing calling your names in his car. He want's to make sure that he sounds really stern when he gets mad at you so you don't think he is kidding. HE IS SO SILLY! I am sure he will be a great Dad. Hopefully you will be happy to show us if you are a boy or a girl so that he can only practice one name from now on. {Your last picture (above) wasn't very good. I am guessing that its a view of your head and your shoulder, but I don't really see it.OUCH! Why did you just kick me in the nerve for!? You must know what I just wrote. LOL} Don't worry, I told him he wouldn't need to yell at you until you are at least 1 year old and doing something dangerous, so he has plenty of time to get it right.