Monday, May 6, 2013

WEEK 6: What's Happening

How Far Along: 6 weeks 1 day
Baby's Size: a blueberry! The app says you are .25 inches!
Total Weight Gain: 0 lbs
Maternity Clothes? bought two pairs of rock star skinny maternity cords that don't scream maternity... they were on super sale at old navy from 35 to $5! They're so comfy I bought one more a size bigger just in case. Got a couple shirts too. Hopefully they don't give away my secret just yet!
Stretch Marks? Nothing new. Just been noticing how bad my growing stretchmarks are... some are 1/2 inch wide! :( wish id known about cocoa butter back then!
Sleep: Pretty good, exhausted and still having anxiety dreams... last night's dream was about spiders.  Big furry ones that kept getting bigger. I woke up J and made him snuggle me.
Best Moment this Week: realizing that Sunday will be my first mothers day knowing I'm gonna be a mom! I wish I could tell our moms that day but its still way too soon to share the news. I will tell them before fathers day (which is my birthday this year).
Miss Anything? watched people drinking champagne at a party on TV and wanted a glass but it passed just as soon as it arrived!
Movement: Nothing yet... but Lord the electric shock therapy sucks!
Food Cravings: cheese cheese and more cheese (c'mon now... you saw that coming!) Ive ate more numero uno and cheese and crackers this week than ever before!
What Makes you Queasy: pretty much everything. J tapping his foot or drooling, chicken and ground beef.
Gender: No idea... still more worried about HOW MANY! We find out more news the 15th I think.
Labor signs? None
Symptoms: electric shock therapy to my lower abdomen. .. book says its moving around and making things expand before the next trimester... but it just feels like electric shock therapy. Also the queasiness... yesterday was almost a queasi-less day but right after we laid down for bed I felt sick. No vomiting yet thank goodness! One of my dear friends is 2 wks ahead of me and is on the verge of hospitalization... praying for her and hoping it doesn't happen to me! Also keen sense of smell.. someone opened a sharpie at work the other day and I thought I would die! I also caught a moldy smell from the a/c at work (good thing i brought a candle) and I have been asking J to empty our trash every day. Lol
Wedding Rings On or Off? On
Mood: its deadline... I send files today - I'm a little frazzled. So far baby's been good through its first deadline but I'm trying to take it easy because I know how fragile we are at 6 wks. It's raining today and I love the rain.. so I'm feeling positive, too.
Looking Forward to: camping on Wednesday and anxious for our first prenatal appointment with Dr. Medrano on the 15th! :) we moved it back a week to ensure hearing a heartbeat!
What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? not sleeping. Thankfully the neighbors rooster has been quiet lately. .  (Wonder what happened to it?!) But hes still waking up at all hours. (I think hes worried about being a daddy).
Notes to the Little One: Your dad and I have been talking about you and how your gonna change our lives for the better. We probably won't take you camping until you can walk... so were going to make the best of this week... our last camping trip for about 2 years. Evadog hates camping. She gets all times of grumpy and wont leave the car! Little man just tries to make her feel better but he has lots of fun. Cant wait to see if you love camping as much as we do... we've gone about 2x a year since we met. :)