Monday, May 27, 2013

WEEK 10: What's Happening

How Far Along: 10 weeks 1 day
Baby's Size: 1.5" the size of a prune
Total Weight Gain: 1 lbs
Maternity Clothes? I have reverted to wearing skirts everyday. At least I feel pretty!
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep?  Broken. I wake daily around four am and cannot fall back to sleep. Whether it be the dogs laying on me or Jeremy and Eva's snoring. It just doesn't happen and I am left restless.
Best Moment this Week: Our 9 wk appointment with Dr. Medrano... you looked like a BABY! And you were showing off how fast you could move your hands and feet! Even the doctor exclaimed "Wow! This little one is moving!" :) your dad and I were smiling uncontrollably and I couldn't stop laughing.
Miss Anything?  Scrambled eggs. Obviously its the one thing you do not want me to eat.
Movement: Nothing I can feel... yet!
Food Cravings: bagels, cinnamon toast crunch cereal and orange juice. You definitely prefer breakfast! (Just not Bitsy's contribution! )
What Makes you Queasy: scrambled eggs, chicken, and smelly things.
Gender: No idea!
Labor signs? None
Symptoms: queasy, sleepy, puffy, bloaty, you name it and I got it.
Wedding Rings On or Off?  On
Mood: tired.
What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? hiding in the other room watching Merlin while we watch the Disney movie marathon on abc family! So far weve seen peter pan, mulan and cinderella!
Notes to the Little One: We were so shocked by the amount you had grown in two weeks... from a raspberry to a baby with hands and feet and moving around like crazy! After the doctor exclaimed that you were moving, you started showing off for us! Turning about and waving. You made us giggle with delight. We can't wait to meet you and watch you grow!