Monday, May 20, 2013

WEEK 8: What's Happening

How Far Along: 8 weeks 1 day
Baby's Size: a green olive... about 1" long
Total Weight Gain: 0.5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? Only bottoms for comfort.
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep?  Anxiety dreams abound. The last one I was at a beach house and when the tide would come in it would take everything back with it. And it was filled with stairs. I hate stairs.
Best Moment this Week: The appointment with Dr. Medrano. We had my first ultrasound and the baby looked like a raspberry in a circle of darkness. We did see the little heart beating. It's too soon to hear it but I go back in 2 weeks. He thinks I'm pretty accurate on my due date but wants me to come back every 2 weeks until we can confirm it. BUT! He did confirm that there is just ONE little Sawyer in my belly. [Phew! Dad was happy with that verdict]
Miss Anything? I still miss champagne. Im going to find a Mocktail recipe!
Movement: Nothing...
Food Cravings: Fruit and cauliflower.   BRC burritos from EPL
What Makes you Queasy: still no chicken though I was able to eat orange chicken from Panda.  Guessing it's because I didn't prepare it and it doesn't look like chicken.
Gender: No idea!
Labor signs? None
Symptoms: No more vomiting but the queasiness is never ending. Sense of smell in insane which doesnt help the queasi bit. Ive grown about a cup size on top. Its only 8 weeks so im a bit worried about that part. Hopefully it slows down. Dr says the electric shock therapy is my uterus pressing on my ligaments as it grows. Though not unheard of its usually not felt this early. He said im very in tune with my body.
Wedding Rings On or Off?  On
Mood: A little ansy. Planning the big reveal. Its really fun to have a surprise!
What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? Stressing. He was supposed to have his blood taken for his physical this week but he just couldn't do it. He spent so much time at the doctors in childhood that he is terrified of blood draws. Doctor said day of the physical he will give him valium and take it at the office. I have to take off work to drive him. I used to do it with my daddy so its not that hard for me to fathom but he is much worse than daddy. I thought he would pass out. The doctor asked him if he needed apple juice!
Notes to the Little One: We got to see you for the first time this week. The blinking of your heart is a good sign! Though I said you were a raspberry in a circle of darkness I know that isnt the case. The pictures they can take of you at this stage appear that way. Thanks for listening to my request for no more vomiting. .. this week has been much better! Were 2/3s of the way through the first trimester! Just 4 more weeks! We cant wait to tell everyone how excited we are to meet you!