Sunday, June 22, 2014

6 Months of L♥VE

Happy Half Birthday to my favorite little flower! I can't believe you are 6 months old already! This year is flying by, and this Mama just wants to push the brakes and slow it down... but alas! You can't hold this girl down!
Big girl sitting up!
Sticking out her tongue and having a ball!
It's my half-birthday!

 First - The Stats!
Height: 26.5" Long
Weight: 14lbs 9ozs
Head Circumference: 16"
Diaper Size: 2 
Onesie Size: 3-6 mos
Sleeper Size: 6-9 mos

#Wonderweeks Leap Five started about a week ago, you can see that she is learning new skills all of the time, the good news is that the grumpies have been few and far between so far, but leap five is a big one! We shall see how it progresses!

Grabs her lady bug with ease...

Can reach the top rung on her exersaucer!

Sits up when she feels like it... LOL

Some new occurrences this month are the REACH, she can reach her up high toys, like the butterflies on her mat - she can finally make them flutter on her own - and the high up toys on her exersaucer aren't too high, she is constantly grabbing for the mirror and lady bug when they are hanging away from her... and she gets them!

Sitting - we are still working on it.. she CAN sit, she just chooses to do tummy time or lay on her back instead... but standing is still her favorite.
Reaches - and loves her hats!

Talking - still working on her sounds, but it appears that she is learning to answer at the right times, like when I asked her to chime in on something when I was talking to her Daddy - looked to her and said "Right Violette?" and she said "AY!" Hahaha. Perfect timing. She is joining the conversation for sure! There are a few videos that we are uploading to YouTube, hopefully they will finish loading before this goes live. (Subscribe to her page to keep up with the fun happenings in our world!)
Happy girl on Daddy's shoulder

Still so tiny she fits in Mama's shoe box
Gestures - Oh. Em. Gee. This kid wears her expressions very well. Like when she is people watching and sees something out of the ordinary...

Or when she is concerned, happy, sad, grumpy, interested... you can see them all written right on that little mug of hers. Sadly, this is a trait she acquired from her Mama - you can usually tell what's happening in my head by the look on my face... a blessing and a curse!

People watching
Sock lover
Uh Oh!

Name Recognition - she is getting MUCH better with this... she looks much sooner when you say Violette these days, so that is good!
The only time a DUCK FACE is cute...

Eating - Still eating her rice cereal 1x a night, but the doctor gave us the go ahead to start her on a second meal and start introducing the fruits and veggies (and avocado as the only 'protein' for now). We tried some Earth's Best Sweet Potatoes the other day (I tried it - tasted JUST like the real thing!) but she didn't like it. We did it for three days but she spit it all back out, not keeping any in. The doctor said that even though we find that Sweet Potatoes and Carrots are sweet, Breast Milk is the sweetest![turns out our Sweet Tooth is natural! who knew?!] And Rice Cereal is next in line. She said the best way to introduce a veggie is to mix it slowly into her rice cereal, and then adjust the percentages over three days so that she ends up getting mostly veggies. She said she will like it then. :) She said fruits are much easier to introduce straight because they are naturally much sweeter. We aren't to start 3 meals a day until 8 months, and that's when we introduce proteins.

Standing up for Grandpa!

Baby's SECOND Cold - That's right, we were bombarded with a second cold just a week after the first one left! It was a terrible one, too! I am guessing she must have caught it from the Natural History Museum since there were so many school kids there when we went. She was fine on Thursday night and Friday morning, just a tickle in her throat (she was clearing her throat) and a little bit of stuffy nose. On Friday when we got home she had been showing a touch of eye boogies, so I had thought she had a blocked tear duct. (Dr. Bloom had told me it might happen at her last appointment.) But before Jeremy and I went to bed we started to feel a little out of it, and when I woke to feed her at 3am my throat was closed and it hurt to swallow! How something manifested that quickly is BEYOND ME! And Jeremy woke up hacking shortly after that, we both felt like we were on death's bed the whole weekend, so we didn't do ANYTHING - not even groceries! Thankfully by Monday we both felt better. (Being that I am breastfeeding I could only take tylenol and cough drops - CEPACOL are the BEST IN THE WORLD - but both seemed to do the trick. By Tuesday I had a lingering cough (an old man cough) but felt much better and by Friday it had subsided completely. Thankfully this one let Jeremy go a little faster as well, and he too felt better after 7 days without having to go to the doctors. Darn those infant colds! They truly are the worst for the adults!

Other than that, book time and play time are her favorite things! She hearts Tiggers, hats and bright colored toys; books with tags and tabs and pulls and noises - and even just plain black and white images!

Little One hearts Tiggers, just like Mama!

Reading about leaves & flutter-bys
Trying to topple over her mat...

Extra fun on the Exersaucer

When we were sick, all she wanted to do was read...
She loves her links!

This kiddo is loving life and we are having a ball watching her experience everything for the first time!