Sunday, July 27, 2014

7 Months of L♡VE

This month was another big one filled with changes, outings and fun! We are so blessed by this girl each and every day!
Big Smiley Girl!

First - The Stats!
Height: 27" Long (my measurement)
Weight: 15lbs 12ozs (my measurement)
Head Circumference: 16" (did not measure)
Diaper Size: 2
Onesie Size: 3-6 mos and 6-9 mos (depending on the item)
sitting up!
Here's a look at the rest!

Baby's first road trip! We had to stop at Babies R Us on the way home because it was TOO LONG.
We visited Violette's Great Grandma Char in Solvang this week. We also got to spend time with our cousins Claudia, her fiancé Darren, Laura, Josh and Baby Maya! We had a nice picnic in the park (Hans Christian Anderson Park) and then went into downtown for a stroll down Copenhagen. It was a very hot and humid day but there was a nice breeze that kept us moving. Our first stop was at a shaved ice place... :) Grandma had her first "snow cone" experience with all of us! We even gave a tiny bit of the ice to Violette... she was weirded out by the temperature but didn't seem to mind it. BRAIN FREEZE! Haha. Halfway down Copenhagen she decided she didn't want to stroll anymore and switched to the babybjorn carrier one. She was so content that she even took a little nap. After downtown the cousins went back home and Violette and I went back to Grandma's for some quality time. She showed me around her new apartment complex (very nice!) and then she snuggled with Violette while we caught up. It was a really nice visit! Can't wait to have another!

Great Grandma, Cousin Maya and Violette!

Quality time with G.G.!

This girl has progressed from rice cereal to fruits and veggies.  We started with 1st stage foods in apples, pears, bananas, squash, sweet potato, peas and carrots. Her all time favorite was pears! She didnt care for the squash and neither did her digestion.. so we will have to try again a different time. She didn't mind the sweet potatoes after Dr. Bloom suggested we include a touch of breastmilk and rice cereal on day 1 of all of the new flavors. She did have a special meal when we went to Ernies with auntie Tina and enjoyed (?) A few tastes of squished avocado! She did not protest, but wasn't digging in either.
Sitting in her high chair... FEED ME!
We've begun her stage 2 foods, which just means its a thicker puree and some of the flavors have mixtures of her first food plus one. Last night she tried spinach and rice and surprisingly she enjoyed it! On the menu this month is an intro to raspberries, apricots, pumpkin, winter squash, blueberry and green beans. (so far so good on all of these delicious flavor combinations. No reactions yet to any fruits or veggies, and she seems to like them all!) The doctor said to wait for all proteins (except avocado) until her 9 mos checkup.

Violette can now sit up unassisted for the most part. When she is sleepy she likes to lean on us or her boppy for support. She continues to stand with our support as well, and likes to move about by rolling and using the inchworm method. While visiting great grandma, she observed her cousin Maya crawling about and studied her every move. Then after Maya had gone home for the day she decided to give it a shot. She rocked and rocked back and forth, and then backed her self into a corner! It was awesome! Great Grandma Char was able to see the whole thing, too!
She sat herself right up at Daycare!

The next few days were slow moving, she would get on her hands and knees and wobble quite a bit, and then she decided that moving was happening! This time she moved one hand in front of the other and scooted her butt in. She did this little by little until she made it to the coffee table... a feat considering it is about 4 feet away from her play area! Let the CHILDPROOFING COMMENCE! We actually decided to try the inflatable pool play pen since we have enough room for it. :) Of course she will always be supervised when she is in it.. so no worries there! She may not like it, but we shall see!
Crawling in her room
Very proud of herself!

She has started putting consonant and vowel sounds together! "Ah - mamamama" is her name for me, and "Dahdahdah" (reminiscent of this commercial from Mama and Daddy's graduating year) is her name for daddy. She still grunts quite a bit, but she loves to babble and sing along to music. She especially loves the theme song to Dragon Tales (the only program we ever really let her watch, and it's only an episode a day.. (they are short!) She gets the biggest cheeseball smile on her face when the song starts and she taps her feet and sings along (ahhhh ahhhh ahhh) :) It's really cute.
Watching the intro to Dragon Tales!

This step is hit or miss, some nights she will go to bed at 930 and wake up at 530! (those are the good ones!) but others she wakes at 1215, 215, and then again at 5. One night she slept from 930 to 730! It was pretty heavenly. But the next night we were back to the 3 wakeup calls. The last two days though have been 10 to 6... so we are making slow progress.
Playing with the giant sheep at daycare!

Mama hopes it sticks even for a little bit. She seems to make silly mistakes when she doesn't get enough sleep... like forgetting the baby's milk for daycare! or setting the alarm at the house... or putting the kids clothes on backwards! Ugh. It will be nice when i can catch up and these 'new mommy brain' moments disappear.
Mama put my dress on backwards.


Sorry this post is a week late, but such is the life of a new mommy! You never know when you will have something come up! Like last minute visits with my Grandma... best day ever!