Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5 Months of L♥VE!

Wow. Five months. FIVE! We are nearing half-year status here people... and this kid shows no signs of stopping!  Here's a look at what's been happening this month in the life of Little One Sawyer...
5 Months of L♥VE
First - The Stats!
Diaper Size: 2 (we just bought our very FIRST box yesterday!)
Onesie Size: 3-6 mos
Sleeper Size: 6-9 mos (mainly because of her length, the sleepers themselves are loose in the middle)
Very Interested in her Feet
This month included the dreaded Leap Four of the Wonder Weeks, but the fruits of this leap have definitely shown themselves. It was a rough one though!
Leap 4 was a DOOZIE
New and Exciting Feats!
The Exer-saucer
At 4 months she was not sitting up well enough to even pretend to sit in the exersaucer, but now she sits (AND STANDS!) in it like a little champ! She also sits in her bumbo for about 15 minutes a day to build up her core muscles. (While playing of course!) She actually has two now, one at our house and one at day care.
Exersaucer at Home
Exersaucer at Daycare
Tummy Time 
It's never ending these days, she just keeps rolling over! She spends a lot of time on her tummy, she props herself up onto her hands and pushes up and down, she tucks those little feet under her but and starts the sway back and forth like she's getting her engine started... but still hasn't figured out how to GO. (Thank GOD!)
Tummy Time
She really has a thing with holding onto her feet these days, she even has begun to pull off her little socks! (one at a time, and rather slowly, but it's happening!) She is very good at holding her toys and passing them from one hand to the next, she holds onto her burp rags when we pick her up, (they don't hit the floor!) She really does love the aden + anais items, they are just the right amount of softness to encourage her to bury her head in them and wriggle about so that she feels the textures on her skin.
Grasping toys in her SLEEP
Taking her Socks Off
Wow. This kid can hear her Daddy coming in across the house and perks up her ears, and starts looking around like "I know you're here Daddy... I'm waiting for you..." It really is funny. Her hearing is getting more fine tuned as well, since she now JUMPS everytime the dogs bark. That's kind of new... (and annoying.)
I hear you Daddy!
She chatters up a storm all the time, the most recent addition is that she talks while she is eating. She also has to tell us everything about her night when she wakes up in the morning... She must really have interesting dreams if she is trying to recite them to us at 5 months old! She uses a bunch of consonants now, much more than her previous "OOoooo's" and she does highs and lows and sing-songy style of speech, as though she are really having a conversation with you. It's super cute!
First Selfie
Most recently she does this whole body wobble when she wants to be held... like she is sitting on something and she's trying to wriggle herself free of it's pinches. It took us a few times to figure out that she just wanted us to pick her up... but eventually we got it!

She also snuggles us tight, like she is giving us a hug or nuzzles our neck like she is trying to kiss us. It's really pretty sweet.

Laughter - the giggle doesn't come out that often, but it has appeared! Usually while Mama is singing along to the music and dancing around like a silly person. (She really likes to make me perform!) But the big gummy smiles are often present, lighting up her whole face.
Reading a Book in her Bumbo
Name Recognition 
This might be our fault, but she doesn't really look up too much when we say Violette... Her dad and I have a nickname for her that she looks up for - "Tootie Pie" or "Toots" - we really should start calling her by her name if she is going to learn it! LOL.
Those feet never stop!
The most exciting part of this month was about 1.5 weeks ago, when we decided to give her rice cereal for the first time. We wen't with Earth's Best - we already use the diapers and wipes, and we really appreciated the good things that it said on the box! The first try was a messy one, but she is really good about keeping her tongue down. She is still learning how to swallow though, so sometimes it all comes right back out! (We had given her a spoon for the last few weeks so she could try the motion and perfect it before we added food to the mix!) We were going to wait until closer to 6 months, but it seemed that we were running low on breastmilk and her sitting up had improved greatly in the 3 weeks that had passed... so we just went for it. She was VERY excited to eat like a big girl at the table, with a spoon and her own bowl. And after the first meal she fell FAST asleep within 5 minutes. (Which startled Mama!) But the second time it was less dramatic, and since she has fallen into a routine that works for everyone.
First Rice Cereal... YUMMY!
Baby's First Cold
That's right, it is definitely a cold and not teething as we had thought previously. She may very well be teething as well, but since both Dad & I acquired this head cold that she is having, we can safely assume that she has a virus of some sort. It is TERRIBLE too. We all have the runniest noses, (could very well be the WORST runny nose of my lifetime!) and the drip that causes the sore throat and the cough. Yep, even the baby! All three of us are coughing, sneezing and dripping like crazy! It's totally not fun. Both Dad & I went through a box of tissue EACH today! The daycare said that Baby V was mellow all day, but didn't want to sleep at all (only 1 hour nap during the entire 9 hours she was at daycare!) She fell asleep in my arms around 7 and is making up for the lack of sleep in her crib as I type this. I hope that she sleeps off this icky cold and tomorrow we all wake up refreshed! (She has 2 days on us with this cold, so we may still have 2 more days after she gets well though!)

First Deadline!
This kiddo helped Mama do the last proof before I sent the magazine to press this month! We survived our first deadline back at work. :)
First Deadline at Mama's Work
Overall this kiddo has had a big month! She has learned SO MUCH good stuff, and is growing stronger and sillier every day! Can't wait to see what the next month has in store!