Monday, April 21, 2014

4 Months of L♥VE!

Where does the time go? As I type this my beautiful baby girl is sleeping on my lap, a full 25" long and weighing in at 12 lbs 12 ozs. She is right on track and "Strong as an Ox" according to Doctor Bloom!
(I totally guessed that she was longer than 2 feet! This kiddo is LONG! She has gained exactly 2 lbs and grown 2 inches this month!)

This big girl has learned a bunch this week! Like grasping her toys, and shaking them so they make their noises! She examines each toy carefully spending a lot of time to learn every detail. like the crackly ears, the soft fabric, and the jingly belly. She has also found her tongue, and is quite interested in making it do tricks!

She has started pulling her knees in when she rolls, and does beginning crawler movements.... Doctor said "she could probably start going if she had more confidence, with as strong as she is... TIME TO CHILDPROOF." (It's a good thing Daddy & Mama talked about that last week!) Dr. Bloom also said that she will start to scoot in no time at all - and she has already begun moving all about her crib, and scoots her way across her play mat with ease.

She stands up on her own weight with just holding onto our fingertips for peace of mind, and pulls herself into a sitting position with no trouble. (She actually does it with panache almost hitting her head on whatever is in front of her while doing it! She has beaned mom and dad a few times, making mom lose her balance and get a headache at least once!)

Violette also has taken a break from being chatty for a bit... she mainly sings and dances along to music (her favorite Oldies) but is saving her voice for now - the Doctor said it is normal when babies are learning a mobility skill (like rolling, crawling, grasping) that the vocals get pushed to the side... they haven't mastered how to use both parts of their brains at one time just yet. She said the fact that she sings and dances to the music means her hearing is good, so the talking will come back.  Hopefully after this crazy leap is over! Leap four has been quite the feat! But she is learning something new everyday, so we see it hard at work.

She has the sweetest little birth mark on the side of her tummy that is starting to make an appearance... (well, LITTLE isn't quite the word, its about 3 inches long! and getting more noticeable every month!) It will be interesting to see how it changes as she grows. I have a little birthmark on my ankle, right next to my HUGE scar from ankle surgery... needless to say it goes quite unnoticed these days!

Well friends, that's all I have for updates! I hope all is well with you and yours!