Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 38: What's Happening

How Far Along:  38 weeks 2 day (just 4  Days till we meet our little angel!)

Baby's size: approx 19.5" around 6.8 lbs - the size of a Pumpkin.
(Which is literally the size that I feel my belly is!)

Total Weight Gain: 31.5 lbs

Maternity Clothes? No other options these days!

Stretch Marks? YES. :( but not too bad.

Best Moment this Week: got to get my teeth cleaned! :) you have no idea how excited I was. This girl loves her dentist, and looks forward to her cleanings every year! AND I went and saw Catching Fire with Dovey! We went to the early morning showing and had the theatre to ourselves. I had my feet up most of the time and was using him as my couch but I got to see the one movie I had been waiting for all year long!

Miss Anything? Sleeping in bed. Sushi. Champagne. The ability to move around without being an invalid. Less than a week left of this disability before my healing process begins!  :) 

Movement: She is running out of room and it's obvious because she's been right smack in the middle this week... sitting on my spine and pushing out on my lungs!

Food Cravings: Mac and Cheese and ice cream. :) guess I have been in need of comfort foods this week.

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken of course... lack of food is second. Greasy foods are next on the list! (Same)

Gender: It's a girl!

Labor signs? None this week... THANK GOODNESS. But the csection is scheduled for 8 am Saturday so we should be getting to know each other by 10am!

Symptoms: still having the pain in my upper abdomen but a regimen of Tylenol has been helping.  It'll be nice when the Tylenol isn't necessary. Otherwise my symptoms include morning sickness (Yes. Still!) Waddling (more than ever since she's dropped) discomfort (to the extreme) lack of sleep (maybe 3 hrs at a time if I'm lucky) and being on bedrest (against my deepest desires to go for a walk!).

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off, no sense blinging it up while on bedrest. Even the lia sophia ring has been put to rest for now.

Mood: I was so frustrated this week because for the first time on bedrest I actually FEEL disabled. It's gotten harder to do anything and everything. I'm miserable when I'm dependent on others. It reminds me of when I was suffering after my broken ankle. Thankfully she will be here Saturday and then the healing process can begin. Just 2.5 weeks before I'll be allowed to drive again!

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing?  Jeremy has been so great! He is always there to help me stand up and bring me more water or food. He's been putting up with my misery like a champ. He still won't leave me alone so yesterday I had a Manda-sitter (my sister in law Tina. We had fun!) and today Alicia is coming,  and then Thursday my sister Cres will be back. I am glad to have people around to help so that he can finish up the emergency work stuff before he starts his leave of absence on Monday. He's been so worried about this one school that kept delaying but had to be completed before year end. Now he should be all good!

Notes to the Little One: When the doctor confirmed your appointment and told us a little bit about the plan for Saturday your dad and I stopped and looked at each other. He told the doctor that NOW he was nervous! The doctor smiled and said it would be easier than building a coup for Bitsy! Hehe. So funny!

I think once your here our nerves will settle. Daddy doesn't like hospitals,  especially after our scare a few weeks back. He was so worried that he was going to lose us both! Once were both okay and safely in his arms he will calm down again.

The doctor said he hopes that we will be able to come home Monday... which is a very special day for Daddy and I! It's December 23rd,  Christmas Eve's Eve. It's the day your daddy asked me to marry him in 2010 -The day we started planning our forever life together. (It's also your cousin Joan's 2nd birthday!)

This means we'll all be home for Christmas too! Enjoying every moment with the most special Christmas present we will ever receive... YOU! Just when we thought our lives couldn't get any better... here you come! We are so excited and feel so very blessed.