Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WEEK 36: What's Happening

How Far Along:  36 weeks 1 day (18 Days till we meet our little angel!)
She was sleeping when he took the photo - forehead is to the right top :)

Baby's size: approx 18.7" around 5.8 lbs - the size of a large Butternut Squash.
In case your curious - we have a little meter at the bottom of the blog that shows the photos of the vegetables that we are referring to in her sizes. :)

That's the belly - it's gotten bigger! Only the belly this time because my photographer (DAD!) was in a hurry! 

Total Weight Gain: 30 lbs - Doc says I am still right on par!

Maternity Clothes? No other options these days!

Stretch Marks? YES. :( 

Best Moment this Week: Thanksgiving was nice - a break from bedrest... plus we got to see baby Andres and our friends Linda & Greg and Jeremy's sister Tina :) It was close by and we were able to partake in the festivities for a bit and enjoy a delightful meal. 

Miss Anything? Going for walks, or doing just about anything actually. Bedrest is terribly boring!

Movement: A bit less than before, which tells me she's running out of space, but I still feel her moving quite a bit, about every hour a twist a punch or a kick.

Food Cravings: I am still very jealous of anyone who can eat sushi, but lately I have been craving salads and broccoli and brussels sprouts.

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken of course... lack of food is second. But the 'low fat' and 'sugar free' stuff tastes super toxic to me - so I feel sick after I eat any of them.

Gender: It's a girl!

Labor signs? None this week... THANK GOODNESS. But the pain is still there.

Symptoms: Pain in my upper region - doc says its possibly a liver problem or a gallbladder issue. He ran some tests and we shall see what the final word is by the end of the week.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off, but still wearing Lia Sophia ring :)

Mood: I have only been this bored one time in my life before - when I was laid up with my busted ankle for MONTHS. A little over a week has passed on bedrest this time around and I am already stir crazy. I feel like I am alone most of the time, even though Jeremy is home, he is in his office all day long. I have been lucky enough to have a few visitors - Tina came to see me (ah hemn... babysit me... when Jeremy had to work offsite) last tuesday and wednesday... and today Margarita came to visit me for a little bit during her lunch hour. :) It was a great treat! I missed seeing my friend everyday! I am glad that she was able to stop by!

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? He is pretty stressed out - making sure that I don't do ANYTHING that would break the doctors orders. We are both pretty worried about her coming too early, so I understand - he doesn't want her to have any of the asthmatic issues that he had due to his early start. 

He barely lets me sit a the dinner table! He wants me to even eat on the couch with my feet up! I drew the line there - I can't eat laying down... I am already a mess - let's not cause me to drop food all over myself! I am not allowed to fold clothes or do anything really - aside from sit at the dinner table, go to the restroom, or lay on the couch/bed. 

I am looking forward to the doctor telling me I can go on 'modified' bedrest after we hit the 37 week mark - where I can do some of these light duty things and can slowly prepare for the baby that is coming! 

Notes to the Little One: Well kiddo... it has been an uneventful week for the two of us. We basically sit and watch TV, or read magazines or books. Finally after going a bit stir crazy I talked your dad into investing in a coloring book and a sudoku puzzle book for me. Since we can't be out and about - at least our creative and logical brain functions will be challenged! 

I know I just said that you only move about once an hour, but you have been moving for about 20 minutes now! My belly is doing the wave something crazy! 

Only 4 more days until we are in the 'safe zone'! Your daddy still wants me to sit tight after we hit that point, knowing how important it is that you stay put until our original c-section date. I will of course continue to take it easy, but I feel like we are falling behind on our to-do list because we are stranded on the couch. There isn't much left to do - but it does need to get done! Here's hoping we get that chance! 

This momma is tired... gonna go rest for a bit. I think this is the longest it's taken me to write a blog post since we've began! And it's a day late - because yesterday was a lot for me too. The end is near! Hoping to meet you in 18 days, but even if you come earlier - I will give you the biggest snuggle ever then! :)