Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 37: What's Happening!

How Far Along:  37 weeks 1 day (12 Days till we meet our little angel!)

She is laying on her side, forehead to the right - check out those Chubby Cheeks! :)

Baby's size: approx 18.9" around 6.2 lbs - the size of a large Winter Melon.
In case your curious - we have a little meter at the bottom of the blog that shows the photos of the vegetables that we are referring to in her sizes. :)

The belly and Violette's balloon mobile. :)

Total Weight Gain: 30 lbs - No change since last week!

Maternity Clothes? No other options these days!

Stretch Marks? YES. :( 

Best Moment this Week: happened a few minutes ago! Doctor said that I am FULL TERM! I'm still on 'modified bed rest' and so that means that I am safe to get my teeth cleaned at the dentist, and even go to a movie! :) But only small spurts of activity, very spread out. With the amount of pain I am still in - he doesn't want me to overdo it. BUT IT'S SOMETHING! I am sooooo excited! :)

Miss Anything? My friends and family - this week should be good though, I get to see Cres and Alicia - and possibly Agnes and Chrissy! :) 

Movement: She still does backflips and punches and kicks - she is definitely getting cozy in there though... she looked so comfy in today's ultrasound!

Food Cravings: Soup. Probably because it is SO DARN COLD. :)

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken of course... lack of food is second. Greasy foods are next on the list!

Gender: It's a girl! (Today Doctor said, "Yep. Still a Girl!" haha, GOSH I hope so! Her room has all kinds of purple! :D)

Labor signs? None this week... THANK GOODNESS. But the pain is excruciating. 

Symptoms: Pain in my upper region - doc ruled out liver problems (hooray!) but that leaves gallbladder issues. He said once she is born they will probably dissipate because right now everything is so constricted that the natural functions are limited. I hope so - this pain is NOT FUN. 

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off, no sense blinging it up while on bedrest.

Mood: I have been okay this week - Alicia came to visit (Manda-sit) last week, and we got to catch up a little bit. And this week I have people coming to see me too, which makes me happy! Bedrest is boring and it was definitely getting to me! And Jeremy was adamant about me following docs orders to the letter so I had little outside time, or walking time, or standing time for the last two weeks! I am glad that it's been modified so that I can at least try to start my bunting project - at least the cutting part! :) 

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? He is super nervous about the change of plans - switching from complete bedrest to modified. He still wants the baby to stay in as long as she can - which I get! He is not happy about my dentist appointment, LOL! He said that the way they make you sit is awkward and will be painful - and I told him that I would just make them move the chair. They will accommodate my needs, I am not worried. He still doesn't want to leave me alone - understandably. I am still not allowed to drive, and being only 12 days from baby, he doesn't want me to go into labor and not make it to the hospital in time. I can't believe its only 12 days! Time to start freaking out! LOL ;)

Notes to the Little One: Okay Violette, Doctor says you are the one calling the shots now, but we would still like you to stay put until your planned date if possible... one week early is still better than two or three! You will be excited to know that we have hung your beautiful mobile - though the bunting portion has yet to be made. Dad also hung the monitor so that we can keep an eye on you - it's kind of an eyesore right now - but I am working on a plan to make it a little less obnoxious! LOL. 

All of your laundry is put away - thanks to some help from Auntie Alicia :) - and sized and separated by style. Your car seat is installed properly - in both cars! - and our hospital bags are packed. We even have your rocking chairs in the bedroom and living room! (Thank you Auntie Agnes and Uncle Nick!) Everything is coming together - and the only missing link is you! Can't wait to see your chubby cheeks in person! 

The doctor joked that a few weeks ago you were READY TO COME OUT and now it's looking like you'll wait for him to come and get you! :) He was very impressed with your change of plans. Ohhh the foreshadowing that I see... hehe.

Until next week, or sooner! 
We love you!