Monday, September 30, 2013

WEEK 27: What's Happening

Violette at 26.5 weeks

How Far Along:  27 weeks 1 day {WE FINALLY MADE IT TO THE THIRD TRIMESTER!}

Baby's Size: about 15" long, and a little over 2 lbs the size of a Rutabaga

Total Weight Gain: 16 lbs 

Maternity Clothes? Slowly taking over my wardrobe

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? Sometimes, Jeremy had bronchitis this week, so he (on doctor's orders) did not sleep in the bed with me the last few days. Some nights I slept very hard and very deep, and others I barely slept at all. One note, the baby didn't wake me up in the night when he wasn't there... maybe she can hear his snoring, too!

Best Moment this Week: Jeremy and I went to see Dr. Medrano on Wednesday, (before we knew he had bronchitis of course) and Dr. Medrano said the most amazing thing to me, EVER! He said...

"For being an at-risk patient, you are 
having a SURPRISINGLY HEALTHY pregnancy!"

It totally made my day! :) And the little one FINALLY showed her face! (not on a 3d ultrasound though) but Dr. Medrano was looking at her spine, and she turned her head and looked right at us! She stayed there for a few seconds and then turned back. She moved before he was able to snap a photo.
All I can say is that it appears that she is going to have cheeks like mine. Hahaha.

My sister, Crescent, and Baby Me (with the big cheeks)!

Miss Anything? Since Jeremy was sick he wasn't supposed to be around me, so I missed HIM all weekend. :(

Movement: There is a whole lot of kicking going on! Mostly when I am lying down, the doctor said its because the blood flow isn't being directed to my extremities so its all going to her, and that gives her more energy.

Food Cravings: On Saturday, I wanted a hot dog. So I went to Weinerschnitzel. (and it was DER-licious!) Mostly though, I just crave Vanilla Ice Cream.

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken. And when Dovey kills a fly!

Gender: It's a girl!

Labor signs? None

Symptoms: Fatigue, Soreness, Gaining a bowling ball, Waddling, etc.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off, but I have been wearing a lia sophia replacement ring :)

Mood: It was a really rough weekend, with Jeremy being sick I was feeling quite alone - and Disabled! It was like my best friend was on vacation without me, and I couldn't call or spend time with them. And, Once again I had no help to move the heavy things that I needed moved. I even tried to move some of the lighter ones myself, but it wasn't happening. I am growing weaker I think! It's sad - he had bronchitis but I felt like I was the one being punished because I was the one who was quarantined!

On another note, I was feeling very productive when planning this meal session - I had labels and menus and first steps all laid out. But I was feeling a bit more energetic when I made the lists I think, because I was overzealous with the menu - and chose 4 recipes too much! We didn't finish as a result. :( Next time I will do less recipes, but more times. We always have some favorites mixed in - so we can just triple those recipes instead. 

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? He is feeling better now, he has been taking the steroids for days - he was kind of funny about keeping me healthy, walking around with Lysol wipes, wiping down everything he touched and washing his hands like crazy. The doctor must have scared him with a tale of what could happen if I got sick too, (we go to the same doctor, so Dr. Smietanka knew of course that I was pregnant from the start). I have never seen Jeremy go to such lengths to steer clear of me! It was sweet, but ANNOYING too - Two weekends in a row that I was left husband-less!

Notes to the Little One: You really like to wake mommy up in the middle of the night, don't you? I know that one of the nights it was easy to blame Eva dog - she sat way to hard on you while mommy was sleeping, and you went NUTS kicking her back. But the next night you woke up all by yourself and decided I needed to be awake, too. But I was SO TIRED. I woke up for about 2 hours and then drifted back to sleep finally - and only got an extra hour of sleep. I had to take a 3 hour nap the next day to make up for it. But alas, I survived.

Your daddy and I were SO EXCITED when we saw your face on the ultrasound - :) - it was only 30 seconds, but you definitely looked right at us! It was what we had been waiting for for months! LOL.

This week is my deadline again... (yes, I know... AGAIN?)! It happens once a month but the time between the months seems to be getting shorter and shorter! (Probably because you keep stealing my sleep!) This time Angie is going to do a lot more of the layout, (Angie is the one who is going to do Mama's job for her when  you are born), so we are hoping and praying that everything runs smoothly.