Monday, September 23, 2013

WEEK 26: What's Happening

How Far Along:  26 weeks 1 day

Baby's Size: 14.8" the size of a head of ice burg lettuce (approx 2.5 lbs)

Total Weight Gain: 15.5 lbs 

Maternity Clothes? Worn daily for comfort... though I did buy them a little big so that I won't have to buy many!

Stretch Marks? No

Sleep? Last night was hit and miss, but I slept a little sounder, and I took a nap during the day. Most nights are filled with anxiety or fear dreams - like random people trying to kill me. I had stopped having them for about 2 years, but I guess the new baby has stirred them back up again. 

Best Moment this Week: Jeremy let me have a 'craft project' for the baby's room {well actually two - he won't let me throw away his old lamp so that revamp is by default!} but I found the most amazing mobile for above the crib (in my opinion of course) of vibrantly colored bunting on a neutral palatte - and its spread throughout the room very subtly. The sample is for a boy, but I just added some yellows teals and purples to the fabrics I chose so that it fits with the ideas we had existing.  I don't think I will need to do the rain clouds anymore either, Auntie Agnes surprised me with something much cooler! I am excited to get started. We also plan to use miniature versions of the bunting on the crib skirt, and perhaps the lampshade (attached to that horrible lamp that needs a complete overhaul!) so that it all ties in together. :)

mobile inspiration - Lennon's Nursery

I went to two different fabric stores before I found the right fabrics - and even then it was a challenge to get them all to go together. These crafty trips have always been nothing but fun for me, but I found myself overwhelmed and anxious at both visits. I am guessing that I shouldn't be attempting shopping by myself right now... (we all know how much I LOVE shopping! NOT!)

Miss Anything? I miss sandwiches. The other day I went to an event where I didn't know if I would be able to eat (as the standard main dish at events is chicken) and I thought - no problem, I can bring something! Only everything that I can eat has to be heated up, and there would be no manner in which to do that. Thankfully they opted for an Italian lunch so I was not starving, but being able to eat a normal cold sandwich would have helped alot. This lack of peanut butter is sad indeed!

Movement: A LOT OF MOVEMENT. It's like she never stops! At my event we had to sit from 9am - 4pm and for about 5 of those hours she was kicking me like a ninja. I kept having to stand up and walk around in hopes that she would stop! Last night she started right as we went to bed, and Jeremy placed his hand on my belly and just felt her kick until he fell asleep. 

Food Cravings: The past week it had been pizza. And then last night it was chili. Thankfully fall is upon us! I am excited for wintery comfort foods :)

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken. (Turkey by default). Peanuts. Lettuce.

Gender: It's a tenacious little girl for sure! LOL

Labor signs? None

Symptoms: Lack of energy, lots of eating, alien movement in my belly, waddling, muscle aches and pains, etc.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off, but I found a lia sophia ring that I had that is a little larger than my regular so I have been wearing that one instead :)

Mood: I looked at my google calendar today, and started to get scared. I added the countdown to the Sundays so that I could be correct on my countdown for the blog... but it worried me quite a bit! September is almost over! And October is going to be very busy with lots of baby showers to go to (including mine!) and then November has holidays mixed in - and December will be baby time! They say you don't realize how fast 9 months goes until you are in it... but I seem to recall every year saying WOW... it's already June, last week it was January! I guess the only reason you stop to realize how fast it goes is when a big event is happening that you can count it down to.

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? He had to work all weekend to help a coworker who was terrified that he would get fired if he messed up this big project over the weekend. So it went from Jeremy being home all weekend, to him being gone from 8am to 8pm both days in the heart of the ghetto in Los Angeles. I am glad that he wasn't there alone! They seem to think that the problem is fixed though, and hopefully his coworker can rest easy now. He is such a helper this guy...

Notes to the Little One: Hey little lady, what on earth is going on in there? It's like you never stop bouncing around and kicking like crazy. Is it something that I am eating? It's okay, I know that it just means that you are healthy and growing so it's not too bad, but sometimes you kick me in the wrong spot and it hurts! We are definitely going to have to work on the schedule you are on, too - but that can wait until after the big show! Slowly but surely everything is starting to fall into place, and we are excited for your arrival, but by no means ready! Please take your time and come when the doctor says its okay! Your Mama has just started to do this whole 'nesting' thingy and needs all the time she can get!

Next weekend is Baby Jaxson's baby shower, and the week after that is Baby Elizabeth's! You are going to have so many little friends when you arrive! (and even though  you will be the youngest, chances are you might be the tallest, too! - Just like your Mama!)

Tomorrow morning, I have to do the glucose testing - (the things I do for you!) and then Wednesday we have another appointment with Doctor Medrano. Maybe you could be awake for that one!? We would love to see your kicking skills on the little screen!