Monday, September 9, 2013

WEEK 24: What's Happening

She didn't want to sit still for the photo - so her hand was blurry.
I wonder if the noise of the sonogram bothers her? She's always covering her ears!

How Far Along:   24 weeks 1 day

Baby's Size: 11.5" the size of a cantelope (over 1 lb in weight!)

Total Weight Gain: 13 lbs (Doctor said I am right where I am supposed to be! I was behind for a few months!)

Maternity Clothes? Requiring more and more every week! 

Stretch Marks? Nothing new

Sleep? Yesterday I got home and took a nap, not because I was exhausted from the day - I was exhausted from getting sick when I got home from lunching with the parents. (I am certain we will not be returning to Oggi's Canyon Country anytime soon. That was food poisoning, not morning sickness). Overall though my sleep has been about 7 hours a night, a little broken up with lots of tossing and turning, but not too bad.

Best Moment this Week: I was really excited to send the two books I was working on to press! :) As for baby moments, seeing the doctor on Friday was good for me - he told me that I am doing just fine, the baby is growing just fine and that we are progressing well. Violette even waved to us on the ultrasound when he was closeup on her fingers.... perfect little tiny fingers. :)

Miss Anything? Peanut Butter. That's the only thing she won't let me eat! Oh, and Wine, but I am okay with not drinking wine. I just miss the flavor and the way it pairs with the food I make.

Movement: Violette started kicking hard enough on Saturday that it could be felt by the outside! Jeremy got to feel them, AND we watched her kick the remote for about 10 minutes straight. It was bobbing and weaving like crazy! Thankfully they don't hurt (yet) but it definitely feels strange! like someone is tapping you with a pencil. It even kind of looked like a pencil was pushing up on my tummy!

Food Cravings: Nothing really this week - until last night when I started to crave Shrimp. I ate it alot more in my first few months than I have been this month, might be time to throw it back into rotation :)

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken. Oggi's. I am so very upset about Oggi's, I used to love that place, but now that they made me sicker than I was throughout the first trimester in one day... I'm thinking no.

Labor signs? None

Symptoms: Alien movement, growing abdomen, fatigue, soreness. My chiropractor got me back to even (one leg had been a lot shorter than the other due to muscle tightening...) I was REALLY glad when that pain went away. 

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off, but safely kept.

Mood: I am starting to miss my family. My cousins and my grandma in central cali, my family in nor cal - I am really excited for my baby shower and hoping that some of them can make it. I know my mom is coming so that's good. I think I will get more excited once the RSVPs start coming in ;) 

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? He is feeling much more caught up than last week. He is almost all up to date on his time sheets, so he can work in real time, and he feels so much better since we had some help with the house work. Today he is going to tackle the lawns and play catch up a little more for work, but he is much less stressed.

On a baby note, he was so excited when he felt Violette's strong kicks the other night. His eyes got really big and he had the cheesiest smile ever. I am glad that we are experiencing these firsts together. Violette sure likes kicking when her daddy is around. She is already going to be enamored with him I can tell. Just like I was with my Daddy.

Notes to the Little One: Last night I had a dream about your Grandpa Crash and your Auntie Johanna - two people that you will not have the pleasure of meeting but they really meant a lot to your Mommy and have made me the person that I am today. I hope that I can teach you some of the life lessons that they taught to me.  In my dream, you were here! - and they were holding you close and giving you love just like they would if they were here too. My daddy looked as though he thought he would break you, but I assured him that you were a tough girl just like your Mama and he relaxed quite a bit. Auntie Jo had what I call a 'perma-smile' on her face, laughing and smiling like crazy - I was sure her cheeks were going to hurt later. She just couldn't take her eyes off of you. I must say that I am glad to know that you have so many angels watching over you that love you so much, both in Heaven and on Earth. You will most definitely be loved!

Well kiddo - we have made it to the point where they are going to make your mom test for Diabetes. I have had this test before (when I was ALOT younger) and I clearly remember the flavored syrup that they make you drink. YUCK! {Hopefully you won't protest it - it's not like I'd be giving it to you on purpose!} Sometime this week I will need to take care of that test, but I really want to imagine I have already done it! :) It will be worth it (kind of?) when we know that there aren't any issues. This is a good thing though - that we made it to this stage without any issues! The doctor already said that we were doing really well - all caught up to where we were supposed to be!

This weekend was productive, and tiring! Dad worked on the lawn a little bit - adjusting sprinklers, etc - that heat we had the last few weeks added a burn spot in our grass. :( He thinks by doubling up the water at 2 different times a day for a week will solve the issue. Fingers crossed! (I know, crossing your fingers is a silly phrase, it just means that we hope that it works!) We are excited that our friends and family are coming to celebrate you for the Baby Shower and wan't the grass to look really pretty!

Note to my Readers: I will try to do a belly pic this week! It has grown - ALOT - since the last photo. Last week was my deadline so we didn't have any time to take one, but I will do my best this week. We have a 3d Ultrasound on Wednesday as well - so there will be a better photo of Violette next week, too!