Monday, August 26, 2013

WEEK 22: What's Happening

How Far Along:   22 weeks 1 day

Baby's Size: 10.5" about the size of a Papaya, approx 12.7 oz (they've started to count her arms and legs into the measurements, so she really didnt' grow 3.5" this week, more like 1")

Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs

Maternity Clothes? Slowly but surely becoming my only clothes.

Stretch Marks? Nothing new, but that black line has appeared!

Sleep? I've started dreaming about the baby. Whether she is here, or she is still in my tummy. She is definitely in my dreams. 

Best Moment this Week: We had a good weekend, got to see my family at my brothers' birthday celebration, Jeremy's brother came in from New York for a visit with his girlfriend Stacie, and we got to spend some much needed friend time with Carla, Em, Kalin & Jav. It was great!

Miss Anything? Just sushi this week!

Movement: OMIWORD. Yesterday when I was getting ready I looked down and my belly was flat on half, and the other half was bulging out. The baby was 100% on the right! I had to show Jeremy because I was so freaked out by it! Good to know its not fat in there, it's just a baby! Weird to know that she can move my whole belly wherever she wants to go! THAT CAN'T BE GOOD FOR MY POSTURE!

Food Cravings: I craved a jumbo baked potato this week from BJs Brewhouse. I even waited a whole day for it because Dove had made me some yummy steaks and brussels sprouts the first night. So we went for lunch on Saturday and I ate EVERY BITE of that potato. It was DELICIOUS, and just what I had wanted!

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken. BUT NOT EGGS! This weekend was the first time since pregnant that I could eat both a scrambled egg, AND a deviled egg at Patty's house. I just had one each time in case it wasn't over... but YAY! It is over! Perfect timing too! Bitsy is laying up a storm! 3 eggs yesterday! I even had enough eggs to bake cookies when Uncle Matt come to visit! (Jeremy said they were his favorite cookies I've made yet! I used dark chocolate kisses and pecans in them!)

Gender: It's a girl - and she certainly has a mind of her own. LOL. When I want to sleep, she wants to move, when I want to move, she makes wants me to lay down. 

Labor signs? None, but DANG this girl is low. I feel like there is a bowling ball sitting on my pelvic bone. The pressure is INTENSE! On Saturday my legs stopped working for a little bit because of the pressure on my nerves! I had to buy a belly belt - it looks like one of the back braces my Daddy used to wear, but it supports the pregnant bellies... I hope it helps even just a little! 

Symptoms: Morning sickness has passed for now! I only feel sick after a coughing fit (thanks to 'pregnancy congestion') or if I have eaten something with a strange flavor. I keep a pack of napkins in front of me just in case I need to spit something out these days... I feel so bad when I do too - but I suppose its better than the alternative!

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off  mostly, but on Saturday I was able to wear my ring ALL DAY with no trouble!

Mood: I have been pretty tired, but getting excited. I have also been in productive mode. Trying to get stuff done (as slow as it happens, little by little - I really wish I could move faster and do more things!) But so far I have organized the kitchen cabinets (which had run amuck since Jeremy has been helping with the dishes) and I have gotten quotes for health insurance (Babies add like $400 to our premiums!) and life insurance quotes (now we have to worry about getting the mortgage paid in full if one of us were to perish) and wills (what happens if both of us should perish) and all of that TOTALLY NOT FUN stuff. But its better to get it done now, before the pregnancy fog sets in, so that it can't be contested. 

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? He is exhausted. The last 3 weekends or so have been non-stop with something, a migraine - a work thing - visits - etc, and though we try to keep up on everything, with me unable to do alot of things (like cleaning! or lifting!) I need to call him in for help alot. I have got a system where I make lots of piles and then have him help me all at once. He has also been dealing with a work situation thats gone array for the last few weeks, and its taking away from his work time - so he has to work on his family time... which is very frustrating for both of us. We are really hoping it settles down soon. Lots to do, and no time to do it! We are trying to simplify all of our plans to make things just easy, and keep a nice flow happening, so we don't feel upset or stressed when something we want doesn't pan out.

Notes to the Little One: Well kiddo, you have recuperated quite a bit after your migraine last week. Thankfully the morning sickness has quit, so now mommy can eat what she LOVES and its great because you can taste all the deliciousness I feed you as of now. I'm hoping you liked the brussels sprouts... I LOVE THEM. And of course the Mac and Cheese (Auntie Carla makes some YUMMY chorizo mac!). It's really nice for your Mama to be able to taste her favorite foods, and know that you are tasting them, too!

It's really funny to watch how people react these days. It's like they all see YOU first. Uncle Bob even went to hug me, and then stopped and pat the belly before the hug! It was really cute. I have obviously started showing because I notice more strangers looking at my tummy than at my face. They must not be sure, because they don't say anything. (I am sure that I am waddling too - thanks to the bowling ball reference above.) You are already stealing the limelight! (Which is good, because Mama doesn't like to be the center of attention!)

Your Mama found you some really dreamy bedding for your crib, its from Pottery Barn but was a fraction of the cost. It goes well with the teal and yellow we like so much, and looks pretty with the picture we want to hang in  your room too. :) It's really hard for me to choose 'girly' stuff - as I have never been one to lean towards girly. This one has blues, yellows and greens in it, and lots of simple patterns - nothing too frilly - but beautiful just the same. There are even hand sewn flowers on the curtains!

Your grandma and I want to make you some bedding, too - but we were having a really hard time finding fabrics that we liked. I heard of a place that has some really cool fabrics that I have to take a little trip to, but its nice to know there isn't a really big rush on finding the perfect ones now. Slowly but surely your room is coming together! I hope that you like it!