Sunday, October 26, 2014

10 Months of L♥VE!

We CANNOT BELIEVE that Violette's birthday is less than 2 months away! She is growing fast and is amazing us at every turn. This month she even took a few steps and has been growing to L♥VE food just like Mama and Daddy! We are excited for what the next two month's will bring! 
the only one in focus - she moves FAST!

On the Move!
First - The Stats!
Height: 29" Long
Weight: 16lbs 7ozs
Head Circumference: 17"
Diaper Size: 2
Onesie Size: 6-9 mos (Carters fit best)
Pants Size: 3 months (Carters fit best)

This week our little one can count 2 bottom teeth, and is skipping several of the other teeth and jumping ahead to get her molars on top and bottom on both sides (usually considred a 2 year molar at 18-24 mos, she is getting them NOW! She regularly enjoys cheese, yogurt, applesauce, and broccoli. Her favorite veggies are butternut squash and sweet potatoes, though they do hurt her tummy. She really enjoys sharing mommy's organic cinnamon raisin toast in the mornings, and L♥VED her first taste of pierogi! Grandpa Crash would be so proud! This month we also tried Pick Up Stix and Violette ate brown rice and veggies, and a little bit of momma's pot sticker. A few other favs are pasta and of course Cheese Enchiladas and Rice!
Enchilada & Rice Face!

Still crawling at the speed of light, however she prefers couch surfing and 'walking' with her push toy. Just yesterday our little one two TWO unassisted steps from Mama to Daddy! She can stand up without any help from furniture. And this morning she decided that everytime Mama puts her down, she will stand up and take one step! I am sure walking will be in the VERY near future. We are mentally preparing for that right now!
Using her Push Toy

Hopefully this code will work so you can see her walking with her push toy!

Standing unassisted, holding one of Daddy's juggling balls.

Babbling and smiling, she also likes to 'sing along' (more like yelling) with Mama in the car, and just about everywhere else these days! (I harmonize to the yelling.. a trick her Auntie Pri taught us!) If you "Grrrr" at her, she will usually start her imitation of the dogs growling, more like the growling of a gremlin... LOL. Daddy calls her his little Gremlin when she does this! She also makes sounds like clicking her tongue, and "grrr"-ing as well as her other favorite sound "Lalalalalla" She is all ready for her Christmas carols! LOL
Chattering away.

AWFUL with the new molars coming in. She was literally waking every hour needing 'snuggle' time. I finally made it to the store to buy those teething tablets and teething gel. (We did have a 'little teethers' brand but it didn't seem to help much. We purchased homeopathic Orajel tablets and gel - with Elmo on them, the ones that have no benzocaine and only natural ingredients - and that seemed to help quite a bit. Coupled with Tylenol, she has been sleeping about 4 hour spurts (until the meds wear off). Hopefully this lasts no more than a week! Mama's eyes have been hurting her at work from the lack of sleep - though she still tries really hard not to complain or allow it to impede her performance. The 4 hour spurts have been helpful in getting back to 'normal'. I really hope we can continue them. On a side note, we have been trying to get to work/leave work an hour earlier this week, and that transition has gone pretty well. Now I hope it doesn't kill us when the time changes! LOL.
Vi ain't afraid of no ghosts... but she's still not going to sleep!

Violette got to visit her very first pumpkin patch this year! Dressed in fall attire, we went to a patch in Ventura called McGrath Brothers that has been a working farm for over 100 years! They grow pumpkins, strawberries, celery and more! They grow produce year round, and have a beautiful old barn and cottage. They also have chickens that lay every color egg! (I asked which chicken lays the blue and green eggs and they didn't know for certain, but they do have quite a few Bitsy-birds (Rhode Island Reds) that lay the brown eggs! They had goats and geese and other farm animals as well. We got to take a tractor pulled hay ride, too. It was a fun filled day with our daycare friends (Kitiara, Crysania, Sean Michael, Brooke & Gabe!)! We really wanted to get a GINORMOUS pumpkin, but settled on two smaller ones, a small orange pumpkin and a white one that's a little bit larger. We don't plan to carve or paint them this year (both aren't appropriate for babies her age!) so instead we bought metal push-in silly faces to decorate them with at Ma Maison. :) We have settled on a Halloween costume, and Violette even gets to have Mama as a prop! We will share those pics with you in the next blog!
Pumpkin patching!

We also had the pleasure of going to TWO fabulous first birthday parties this month, one for Andres and one for Jaxson. Both were TONS of fun with fabulous themes! We have started planning Violette's first birthday party, but since her birthday is SO close to Christmas, we just hope that her friends can join us for a sweet intermission to their holiday preparations! I know that Violette will always struggle with her birthday being so close to the celebration of Jesus... but I pray that she will feel special every year just the same.
In costume at Andres' jungle book party!

With hopes that your Halloween will be fun-filled and festive - we thank you for keeping up with our little family along the way.

All my best,