Monday, November 4, 2013

WEEK 32: What's Happening

How Far Along:  32 weeks 1 day (Ready to start a countdown! Read on for details!)

Baby's size: approx 16.7" around 3.5 lbs - the size of a large squash. 
In case your curious - we have a little meter at the bottom of the blog that shows the photos of the vegetables that we are referring to in her sizes. :)

Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs 

Maternity Clothes? Is there anything else?

Stretch Marks? YES! there are little red marks appearing on my abdomen. :( I keep applying the cocoa butter in hopes that they dissipate, but I am not sure there is much hope

Sleep? Not much. Thursday I slept a whole 5 hours... (with breaks in between of course.) Friday I got 3 hours, Saturday I got 2. Sunday I took a nap for 2 more hours after we finished working. Last night I must have been exhausted because I think I slept 7 hours straight with no interruptions. (Yes, when I woke up I was totally dehydrated and had to run to the restroom but it was AMAZING.)

32 week ultrasound!

Best Moment this Week: We went to Doctor Medrano's office and ONCE AGAIN she showed us her little face! she was moving around so the photos aren't too good, (nothing like the last one!) but I was able to see it again! Doctor said everything looks GREAT! AND... we scheduled a date for my c-section! He is double checking with the hospital, but it looks like her birthday will be Saturday, December 21st! 

I am really excited about knowing the date - because I am a planner and planning is what I do best!  
So the countdown begins! 47 more days until we meet our little girl!

He also said that he didn't want me to work after December 3rd. He said that I needed to rest before hand so that I didn't inadvertently put myself into early labor when we are trying SO HARD to cut out the laboring process altogether. Originally he said December 1st and I protested because it was just one day before our deadline and I thought it poor taste to leave the day before a deadline! So we compromised with December 3rd. I guess I can't complain too much, its only 18 days of disability, some women have to be off a lot more than that!

Another great moment was getting to see Auntie Christina on Saturday. It had been MONTHS since we had been able to get together, and she is SO excited to meet Violette! =D

Miss Anything? Being free of pain, discomfort and insomnia. And wine. For some reason I really would like a glass of wine. I have forbidden Jeremy from drinking it until after the baby is born so that I won't want to kill him in his sleep.

Movement: All hours of the day - I would guess about every half hour or so. I read that she has taken over the majority of her space so the amniotic fluid has gotten less to make room for her growing body, which makes it easier for me to feel her every move. And I mean EVERY move. I feel when she bends her little leg against my lung, or pushes her little foot into my rib, or elbows me in the hip, or wiggles her head around in the birth canal. (Did I mention that I have like ZERO pain tolerance? I couldn't even get acrylic nails growing up because I would cry when they would clip away the loose nails during a fill. I feel EVERYTHING that happens in my body. Which is probably why my doctors like me so much, lol!) 

Food Cravings: I had a strange one the other day - I wanted a soft pretzel from the mall... Of course I wouldn't be caught dead walking into the mall - so I didn't get one, but the craving was REAL. 

What Makes you Queasy: Chicken. An empty stomach. And the thought of cooking a Turkey Dinner. LOL. {I am not making one this year, thankfully we have been invited to two other houses for the holiday celebrations this year... :) }

Gender: It's a girl!

Labor signs? None

Symptoms: Morning sickness. Baby bump. Alien movements. Insomnia. Dehydration even though I drink 10 gallons of water a day. The list goes on and on and on.

Wedding Rings On or Off?  Off, but still able to sport my Lia Sophia ring :)

Mood: Tired. 

What's the Daddy-to-be Doing? Having nightmares. Saturday night at around 1am he had a nightmare that 3 people were breaking into our house to steal the baby from my belly! And right as they had broke in - in the dream - Chance started barking at the door in real life (maybe they were dreaming of the same thing!?) I tried to calm Chance down with words and in that split second Jeremy popped out of bed was in the closet and had grabbed the bat and was heading to the living room. 

Of course I was not privy of this dream - so I was like, JEREMY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! And then he realized he wasn't dreaming anymore. Of course his heart was racing and he felt like he was having a heart attack after that - and couldn't go back to sleep until around 6am. 

Notes to the Little One: Well kiddo, It's now November - usually one of mommy's favorite months because its Autumn and everything gets so festive around this time. Sadly, I am not feeling very festive because I haven't slept much and am realizing that I won't be able to decorate very much this year or entertain guests which are a few of my favorite things. It's okay though, just another set of sacrifices that I am making for your arrival. Next year I will decorate really well to make up for the year that we are taking off. I am a little excited to have the year off though, it's a lot of work to cook and clean and bake and decorate. Honestly I don't know how I would do it this year! 

But I am loving the wintery goodness that is happening all around. The pumpkin and peppermint beverages and treats that are being sold everywhere, the holiday music and decor that has started to appear. It's beginning to look a lot like the holidays! :) I wish that you could see all of the sparkle and twinkling that is happening. It makes mommy's heart happy! There are holiday events and boutiques every weekend, and people seem to just be nicer this time of year. (Of course there are a select few that get overwhelmed and grouchy, but mostly people are kind.) 

I can't believe its only 47 days to go! I am sure you will continue to get bigger (and less comfortable) in that time, but when you come out and get to stretch your legs and wiggle your arms you will know that it was all worth it! We are still slowly ticking away at your nursery... this weekend we put up the purple corduroy curtains and the crib skirt and bumpers. We still need to get your rocking chair and make your mobile before we are finished but it is coming along really nicely! I hope to get more of the bunting done next weekend so we can hang your mobile soon! 

Well - I am off to work on another deadline! We send files tomorrow! Then we have one more deadline before you arrive! WOOHOO!