Friday, March 21, 2014

3 Months of L♥VE!

Little Miss Violette is OFFICIALLY an Infant! She has moved on from her Newborn status!
Those feet move pretty quick!

So what does Infant status mean? Well, Violette has started to show off her little personality. She is awake a bit more these days, but still in small spurts. She loves playtime and spends time on her play mat, listening to music in her lamb bouncer and on her tummy time mat daily. She loves to smile and chat about her day with Mom and Dad. (She actually decided it was time to do this at 3:30 this morning, and didn't fall back to sleep until quarter to 5! Mama is tireeeddddd today!) She hasn't quite mastered the giggle yet, but she does do it sometimes in her sleep so it will come out in awake time soon enough.  She likes to put all of her weight on her feet and stand up tall when we hold her on our laps, and can hold her head up much better than before.
Dancing to the 60s - "Can't Buy Me Love" came on... and she ROCKED OUT!

Violette is very aware of her surroundings these days and spends a lot of time examining the world around her. She studies photos and paintings, takes her time looking at her toys and really enjoys watching Mom and Dad move about the house. She follows us with her eyes and smiles at us when we look up.

During playtime, she likes to swat at her toys. This means soon she will master the 'grasp!' Here is a video that we took a few days ago of her playing on her mat, swatting her toys. 

Violette also LOVES to look at her mobile (and who wouldn't love to watch hot air balloons fly around?). Thank you Auntie Agnes and Uncle Nick! Here is a video of her playing in her crib last week.

Her sleep schedule has gotten a little wacky of late - she used to sleep quite a bit more during the day, but now only naps for 15 - 45 minutes at a time during the day. She does sleep in 3 hour spurts through the night though, so that is pretty helpful. :) Dad and I aren't doing full shifts, but I go to bed 2 hours before he does, and then I wake up with her through the night so we still end up with about the same amount of sleep. (Except for today, when she stayed up in between nursing times!)

She is still wearing her newborn attire, but is almost ready to move on from them. She no longer fits in her footies, in either Newborn OR 3 month sizes because she is just too long for them... but onesies and pants are still Newborn all the way. I have put her in a few 3 month onesies and though she swims in them, they aren't so big that she can't pull them off.

MONDAY FUNDAY (you call this fun?!): 
This week we experienced quite a bit of excitement. Saint Patrick's Day was Monday, and I woke to an earthquake (4.4; Westwood, Ca) at around 6:30 am. Daddy was feeding Violette and swooped her up and went into the doorway quickly (good job Daddy!) and I hollered from the bedroom to see if everyone was okay and then joined them. It was only a few seconds, but it felt like a rolling shaker and made me super dizzy. (One of the side effects from being born on a spin ride... thanks YaYa!). The baby was happy to see us both and didn't notice the shake at all - she probably though someone had put her bouncy lamb in the changing table. LOL. Either way, she did great!

True California Girl - just experienced her first earthquake!

A few hours later, Mama was taking Violette to her first day at Day Care. (A trial run for when Mama goes back to work in April... there will be a few more days of this before I start full time! She did GREAT!) On our way to the Day Care - actually right out front as I was turning into the lot! - we were rear ended by a few elderly women. We were stopped with our blinker on, and they just didn't realize we were stopped until it was too late. There was screeching of tires and a loud crash! Thankfully the baby had fallen asleep on the way, so she didn't hear any of that. She woke up when we went to check on her and was still kind of groggy. Auntie Tina was spending the day with me, so she stayed with the baby while I ran back and forth to get the insurance information. We were all fine and it was a blessing that the other driver had good insurance and quickly filed the claim. That was Monday and we go to see the adjuster later today, then drop it for repair at the dealership and get our rental car. We have already replaced the baby's carseat and submitted the receipt for reimbursement. (I guess California requires replacement after an accident, regardless of the severity - and the insurance companies are required to cover it!) We already had 2 bases for the Chicco KeyFit30 (infant seat - easiest way to move a newborn to and from the car) and it snaps into her stroller, so we replaced it with the 'Magic' edition... same thing only fancier fabrics for $10 more. We decided to take advantage of the reimbursement and get the snazzy edition. :) We have a backup, the NextFit carseat, but we have been waiting to pull it out until she grows out of the KeyFit because of its convenience to and from the car.

Proud of her Daddy! (Happy Birthday Daddy!)

That same day, her Daddy started a new job. He had gotten laid off from his previous employer - and thankfully found something to replace it really quickly, and close to the house... God was definitely looking out for us! He has been there a week and really likes it!