Monday, January 13, 2014

Post Pregnancy Bliss...

It's no secret that pregnancy didn't agree with me. In fact some might call it my arch nemesis as it turned an otherwise happy individual into a bitter grumpy mess.
I still have no idea why any woman would like it... or volunteer to do it more than once! But "to each their own."
I thought it would be fun to compile a list of what I don't miss about the last 9 months... Warning: most are food related as this foodie suffered much!
Lack of sushi (it was tragic when our fav restaurant barely recognized our faces last week. )
Inability to consume deli meats without "nuking" them. (Gross! I do love a good ham sandwich every once in a while)
Food rules. (There are quite a few foods that are 'off limits' these days. Some people can just ignore the rules, but as I was already high risk we didn't take any chances. Gosh I missed food freedom!)
Caffeine (I gave this up months before pregnancy because I knew we were "trying" and wanted to be ready to cut it out completely when the time came. It was rough... but it's for the best now that I'm sleep deprived and sometimes require a boost to care for a newborn in this sleepless stupor)
Not being able to look at chicken on a dinner plate. (Though my thoughts were that it was intensified because of our random pet Bitsy, I have since become more tolerant of others eating chicken again. I even ate a little orange chicken from panda without wanting to vomit. Baby steps!)
Morning sickness for all but 3 of the 39 weeks that I was pregnant. (Note: some weeks I was blessed to only have gotten sick once!)
Aches and pains ( to be fair I do suffer fibromyalgia, so it's possible that I experienced more than most in this region)
Teeth issues (Yes. Even the girl who brushes and flosses regularly has to get antibiotics shot into her gums because of deficiency during pregnancy.)
No Champagne.  (OK so it's not like I drink wine or champagne regularly anyways, but it truly sucked to not be able to celebrate and toast friends accomplishments with a bit of bubbly.)
Not fitting in my clothes. (Still experiencing this though not to the same extent. I'm still about one pant size bigger than when I got pregnant.)
Weight gain. (Still have about 15 lbs more than when I started)
Not being able to wear tennis shoes. (My feet widened a bit during pregnancy even though they didn't swell like most women. I've swelled a bit more post partum but have been able to put on my real shoes for a few hours lately!)
Not being able to lay flat in my bed. (I slept on the couch for the last 3 months almost because I couldn't breathe... and am happy to report that I am back to bed! Though my csection makes getting up difficult... it's a vast improvement! )
Early labor. (Seriously folks. This was not fun... AT ALL. It was not a drill or even braxton hicks. And almost losing her at 34 weeks was terrifying for both Jeremy and I. Even with my initial risk factors we were totally unprepared. Thankfully the drugs, the doctor and the crazed Dovey worked together to keep her in until full term. Twice is too many scares for me!)
Okay... there's more of course but I think that's enough negativity for now.
Even though the last 9 months were torture, Violette is worth it. When she smirks at me it makes my heart happy. But thankfully Jeremy and I are still on the same page about only wanting to do that once!  She is destined to be our one and only and we are okay with that. We heart this squishy little face.