Thursday, July 4, 2013

WEEK 14: What's Happening

How far along: 14 weeks 1 day - SECOND TRIMESTER HERE WE COME!

Baby's Size: The size of a lemon - approximately 3.5"

Total weight gain: 3

Maternity clothes? Yes!

Stretch marks? No. But the Cocoa Butter Regime is in effect!

Sleep: This weekend was exhausting so both nights I slept rather well. Thursday and Friday were rough with Lily the Lexus dying on me - I had some terrible dreams on Thursday, and then Friday I dreamed that I was taking an airplane to Seoul, Korea in a very strange airport with very tiny staircases. It was scary until I saw that Agnes was there with Joan and Nick, and Jeremy was with them. Less scary then. Funny thing is that I ended up buying a Korean car the next day!

Best moment this week: Buying a new car & getting to see my GRAMMA CHAR!! :)

Miss Anything? Easy lunches. :(

Food cravings: Pinto Beans - the boiled kind - not refried.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Chicken, Peanut Butter, you know - all the things I ate before you were in control.

Gender: Nothing yet - we should know by August.

Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Abdominal discomfort, bloating, nausea, crazy dreams and more!

Wedding rings on or off? On - my Lia Sophia necklace with the large clasps should be here by Friday so I can see how it looks.

Happy or Moody most of the time: The fear is subsiding slowly, and the excitement is settling in. I definitely need more naps now to keep my stress level down.

Looking forward to: Completing another deadline this week. (And not having morning sickness anymore)

What's the Daddy-to-be doing? Working on a deadline of his own. Something about a school with linyx that he hates and transfering it over to exchange or something big like that - hes been doing the footwork for months but this week is the implementation - since the schools are out for summer and the all year staff is off this week for the 4th of July - now he can work on it. Fingers crossed it gets done!

Notes to the Little One: This week was pretty emotional for Mommy. Her very first big purchase, Lily the Lexus got sick and had to be replaced. She was my favorite thing for 6 years, and searching for a replacement was very trying. And the 108 degree weather didn't help that. We looked at my favorite choice first, and then went and looked at the competition. The Kia was just an all over better car - it ran smoother than the others, it had more features and cost less - and it had a better warranty and better lease options. Of course we both felt that we had wasted time with the other companies, but honestly we wouldn't have known how good of a buy it was if we hadn't tried them. So after hours of searching we returned to Kia and were amazed at how easy and quick the paperwork was. Never have we heard of a car deal going so smoothly. We arrived at 530 and were done with all of our paperwork - set to the specifics that we requested, signed and had the keys in our hand - (complete with a walk-through of the cars features completely setup - like Bluetooth and maintenance schedule) in less than 1 hour! Needless to say we were impressed. 

Yesterday Mommy went to see Laura, Claudia and Gramma Char for Laura's baby shower - her baby girl will be born just 2 months before you! :) It was so nice to see them, and we were all excited to see Gramma Char - It's so funny how we turn into little girls when she is around. The day was filled with fun, except the news of Gram's doggie passing away a few weeks ago. Heidi was a sweetheart and Gramma's best friend - and she will definitely be missed. 

Note to my readers! We took a belly pic at the office on Friday, June 28th - I will try to update it as often as we can so you can see progress - but there is definitely something growing in there. My lower abdomen has gone up almost 2 pant sizes and I have only gained 3 lbs! (Please no fat jokes! I'm entering the 'sensitive' stage of pregnancy!)