Friday, February 7, 2014

What's In a Name...

It just occurred to me that I have yet to explain to you where what inspired our Little One's name.  Her daddy and I actually decided on both a boy and girl name long before we even decided to try for a child. Shortly after we got married, a few of our friends started to have children. There was arguments about not being able to agree on a name and feeling stressed for time as well as stressed to choose the 'perfect' name, and a few actually only chose one name and were surprised when the ultrasound was wrong and they weren't prepared with a second choice.

We started a list of contenders and would go back and forth on what we liked and why. It had to have a real meaning to us, and sound nice when spoken by either of us. After much deliberation, we decided on...
Violette was named for three of her great grandmothers: Eola, Esmerelda and Charlotte

Eola, translates to Viola, which translates to Violet

Charlotte, inspired us to use the "ette" {french} spelling

Esmerelda, We knew we wanted to use an "E" for her middle name honoring both Esmerelda and Eola

Violette: [v(eye)-oh-lit or vee-oh-leht]
{French} a native, wild species of flower distinguished from the pansy family; a purplish-blue hue

Elora: [ehl-or-uh]
{Hebrew} God is Light 
{English} God gives the laurel, the crown of victory.

I use both the English and French pronunciations depending on which language I am using, which was also one of the deciding factors of her name - it had to sound beautiful in both languages! And it does!

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