Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Five Weeks of L♥VE

This week in the life of Violette...

Wednesday - 1 month check up and first vaccine at Pediatrician's Office
Dr. Bloom gave her an A+! But she was SO MAD at us for the shot... she "turned violet" and cried REAL TEARS! It was the first time water spouted from her eyes! I know that celebration shouldn't be tied in with tears - but this is a formative milestone, so we shall celebrate it! After about 20 minutes (and a mini anxiety attack from Mama) she calmed down. (Mama needed a donut after this one! Well deserved!)

Thursday - Her First Fall
Today Violette wiggled her little butt right out of her Fisher Price My Little Lamb. NO JOKE! It scared the $%#^ out of me! Thankfully she was just on the futon on my office and landed on the cushion... that could have been tragic! She will be strapped in from this point forward! The doctor said she was strong and was doing really well with her head movement but this is just RIDICULOUS!  She just startled herself and cried out for help, but when I picked her up she stopped right away so I knew that she was alright. Silly girl! Stop doing stunts!

Friday - Just hanging around the house with Mama
I thought I would dress her in her pink outfit with the printed violets from YaYa today - and she had a FIT! It fit her perfectly, nothing was itchy or pushing on her... there was no reason for her to freak out that much... I tried to take it off of her but she was so worked up that I couldn't get it off of her without her flailing about. LOL. Even her whales couldn't calm her down! It's literally the only thing we own that is that shade of pink which makes me think she just didn't like the color - I wrapped her up in a swaddle so she couldn't see it and she finally fell asleep from exhaustion. When she woke up she didn't seem to care that much. CRAZY KID.

We also tried another type of bottle today, the MAM bottle  because my cousin recommended it. We weren't impressed because she spit up HALF of what she drank both times we used it! (And as any mommy knows, pumped milk is like liquid gold... not something you want to waste!) She did like the MAM pacifier though... which was strange. We will have to stick with our Tommee Tippee Bottles for now - she really likes them but they leak a little bit so we were hoping to find something better. I think we might try Dr. Brown's next. If any of my mommy friends have a different recommendation we would love to hear about it!

Saturday - Lunch at Backwoods Inn with Grandma & Grandpa Sawyer
It was nice and quiet there and the food was pretty good. (Not worthy of a yelp review in my opinion, but Jeremy seemed to adore his Alaskan Crab Salad.) We decided it's a good place to meet up for future visits.  Violette was sleepy most of the time but woke up to eat in the middle and then fell right back asleep! Hopefully she will be more social in the future... at a month old we really can't do much!

After lunch we stopped at Vons for a quick shopping trip, but Dad wanted to stay in the car with Violette (who was sleeping at the time). Of course she woke up while I was inside and got pretty fussy. Jeremy got creative instead of calling me to hurry. He had a tent set up with swaddle blankets to protect them from the sun, and had Violette laying on his lap when I got back. LOL. So silly...

Sunday - Enjoyed another bath in her TummyTub
Her second time in the TummyTub - this tub is reminiscent of the womb and she is so calm when she is in there that we decided to make it part of an bedtime routine. This time Daddy and I were a bit more coordinated and prepared - and even took a picture! We will try to do a video once we get better at it.

Monday - Visit from Auntie Carla and Wonder Week Leap One
Carla stopped in after her morning at court to meet Baby Violette. (She had stopped by the hospital but Vi was still in NICU - so she missed her the first time around.) It was a nice visit and we were SO GLAD that she could come by. I was starting to get stir crazy... it happens when I don't see my friends for awhile.. :)

Today Violette hit her first leap in the Wonder Weeks theory. (It's a study with a book and an app that tracks 'fussy' stages of babies and deciphers the growth spurts and brain changes that cause the fussiness that couldn't be explained by environmental needs). It seems that her head circumference is growing right now, and I will notice her crying much more, but mostly wanting to be held or have us at arms reach for the next 9 days. (which explains why she wants to hold my hand when she sleeps, takes a pacifier, eats, etc!)

After this 'leap' we will notice that she is more aware of where we are when she hears our voice or noises, can focuses more with her eyes and see things farther away than before. Also her tear ducts will be fully formed (which we found out on Wednesday!)

Tuesday - Field trip to Santa Clarita
Today we met Margarita at Panera Bread for lunch (Vi slept through the majority of it... she really likes to sleep at Restaurants this little one. Once she can partake in real food I am sure that will change...). Afterwards we went to visit Dr. Good so that I could get adjusted (FINALLY!). Doctor Good got a kick out of Violette's entrancement with his paint color (it was a dark blue gray tone.. but she was enamored by it!). I was impressed at how every vertebrae in my back and neck seemed to pop with this adjustment! It sounded like I stepped on Bubble Wrap! I think that's proof positive that Pregnancy does a body BAD!

Violette has a little rash on her face because she spit up and daddy was too sleepy to notice so she got put back to bed right on top of it... (Yikes!) Her face was not happy in the early morning, all broken out and scratchy! I washed her up really good in the morning and treated it with Aquaphor all day. After bath time tonight it seems to be doing a lot better.

This Leap is proving to be right on - she is determined to be held at all times, so I decided to break out the baby wearing wrap that Jeanna gave me... I had to watch a few you tube videos to figure it out but alas... with a little tweaking I think I have got it! She slept right on top of me while I was doing dishes and prepping for dinner in the kitchen. SCORE! I think it will be pretty helpful in the next week or so.